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Chugalunch Redux

2022-10-07 by: Michael Harrison
From: Michael Harrison 
The website:   https://chugalug.org

Has a pic on the front page of Kraus at Chugalunch with gadgets and
cybersecurity cookies.

Jason Brown, Stephen Kraus, Phil Sieg and myself attended. The almost
President Kraus was expelled and sent back to Atlanta, but we hope his term
will rise again.

Reminder: You too can be President of Chugalug by calling a meeting.
PLEASE set Date/Time and Place. in the initial email or in advance enough
for people to make plans. It's great weather for sitting outside.


Maintenance Notes: As I tried to update the website, looks like mcrypt and
other libraries on that system are fallow. I had to update the home page
via an SQL prompt. When bad weather hits, I'll be updating the system to
Debian 11 and upgrade code to LibSodium (modern encryption/hash) and other
things. --Meuon--