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Water quality in the Ocoee / Copper Basin

2022-06-05 by: Dee Holtsclaw
From: Dee Holtsclaw 

Erik is working on a research paper on the Copper Basin area for one of 
his classes here in NYC. Been looking for historical water quality data 
for the area but can't seem to find anything. Erica suggested I expand 
my ask so ... here I be asking.

P.S. My email server has been eating all of the mailing list messages. 
It's pretty locked-down and I'm not clear on exactly what I need to 
white-list. In the interim, I created a new gmail account (old one had 
my old initials) so I can see replies and possibly help figure out why 
I'm not getting them on my regular server. Anyway, this new gmail is 
deeholtsclaw@gmail.com -- djholtsclaw was already taken.

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ I don't know if this is relevant... https://www.tn.gov/environment/program-areas/wr-water-resources/water-quality/water-quality-reports---publications.html

=============================================================== From: Zachariah Gibbens ------------------------------------------------------ I remember doing that in high school, let me see if I can find that resourc= e again=2E (it's been 14 years, who knows) Side note, I went from Google to my own server (with ProtonMail in the mid= dle) due in part to issues with list servers=2E Be willing to try and help = diagnose that problem with you some time=2E -quality/water-quality-reports---publications=2Ehtml ta for ask es=2E d my not