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2022-05-21 by: Ed King
From: Ed King 
I've had one of those hooked up to my Amiga 1000 for several years.   I had
to reflash the firmware to make it  Amiga compatible.    I put the disk
images (Kickstart, workbench, games, etc) on the USB stick, from a windows
pc.  Insert USB into gotek, turn on the Amiga and select Kickstart image
using the navigation buttons on the gotek.  When prompted for workbench,
press nav  button to get to workbench image, and voila, Amiga boots.
Press nav button on gotek  to select a game image, and the disk icon
appears on desktop.   Double click the disk icon and play the game

...and I don't even like to play games, lol

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Billy  wrote:

> Gotek SFR1M44-U100 3.5 Inch 1.44MB USB SSD Floppy Drive Emulator
> https://www=
> .amazon.com/dp/B0762NCHC6/
> In don=E2=80=99t have a need, but wow - very cool. There=E2=80=99s a way
> to p=
> lug a usb stick to move files or be the backing store? I=E2=80=99m not
> 100% s=
> ure. There=E2=80=99s also firmware updates on y tube  to make it do more.
> =46rom the q&a, folks are using it for sewing machines, cnc, some pianos,
> an=
> d old PCs.
> I=E2=80=99m impressed.
> --b=