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DB admin and more job at Chamber

2022-04-29 by: "Mike (meuon) Harrison"
From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" 

Seems I didn't see this because there was a .DocX attached to the original 
email. But I'm cut and pasting and forwarding on. The Chattanooga Chamber 
may  still be looking for a DBA (their terms). What they need is an IT 
Cheerleader and all around technologist / sysadmin / trainer... For 
example, no one in the right mind sends a bare .docx format. Bluntly 
gmail tosses emails with them into a labyrinth.

I also didn't easily find this on their website either.

So in summary: They need help. While not Linux specific, and their normal 
environment is very Microsoft heavy, they do use a lot of Cloud (ie 
probably Linux) services. The job description is a hodgepodge of skills 
and needs, the pay is probably laughable to moderate, but it's a bunch of 
nice people to work with for good reasons.  Job may already be filled, but 
as I was sent this on April 23rd, I doubt it. Ben sent it to me. I'm going 
to spread it around.

Their description, cut and pasted as plain text:

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce is seeking a database and applications 
administrator to join our IT department to oversee the health, monitoring 
and operation of our primary CRM database and other software applications, 
ensuring a high level of adoption, training and positive end-user 
experience. The position is also responsible for Tier 2 application 
support for the Helpdesk and protecting the network from data breaches, 
intrusions and other threats. Additionally, the role will lead 
SharePoint-related projects and assist with the automation and integration 
of applications as needed.

In addition to top-notch technical skills in application administration 
and troubleshooting, the position requires knowledge of network security 
protocols, a customer service attitude, attention to detail, thorough 
documentation skills, and focus on meeting deadlines. The individual must 
have the ability to anticipate needs, think critically, and propose 
solutions that fit within the IT budget.

The successful candidate will join an award-winning Chamber team committed 
to promoting economic growth for the greater Chattanooga community in a 
team-oriented culture with a priority on communication and collaboration, 
where every team member is supported, developed, and encouraged to reach 
their fullest potential.

To apply for this position, submit a persuasive cover letter and resume 
combined into one PDF file, by 2 p.m., Sunday, April 17, 2022. Send 
confidential resumes to:

Attention: Cheryl Millsaps, VP Operations

Essential Functions:
     • Applications and Services - Overseeing the health and lifecycle of 
all database applications and company information hosted on-premise and in 
the cloud.
     • Training and Adoption - Leading or otherwise assisting with efforts 
to create and deliver training presentations and assisting with IT-related 
content curation for the staff.
     • Application Compliance Oversight - Discovering and monitoring the 
use of third-party applications and assist the Helpdesk with migrating 
user content for better oversight, control, and cost efficiencies.
     • Automation & Workflows - Follow best practices to assist with 
integration of various applications and employing widely used platforms 
such as SharePoint, Azure AD, and Exchange.
     • Fostering productive relationships with SaaS and on-prem application 
vendors and serving as technical liaison with vendors to address 
system-wide and user-specific issues and requests (report customizations, 
     • Assist with developing a team of “technology champions” across all 
departments to decrease technical friction and drive the successful 
construction and ongoing maintenance plan of an intranet and various other 
SharePoint applications to enhance the user experience.
     • Special projects and other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:
     • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field with 2-5 
years of experience demonstrating similar job duties at a small or midsize 
company, or equivalent combination of education and experience
     • Experience with Microsoft 365, Office 365, SharePoint, and modern 
workplace concepts
     • Broad working knowledge of databases, computer networking, 
installation, and administration
     • Project management experience
     • Expertise in troubleshooting computer system issues

--meuon--  me as a subatomic particle sending this with 100% recycled electrons.