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Temp Help

2022-02-08 by: Dave Brockman
From: Dave Brockman 

I'm going to be on some restrictions for a few weeks, especially 
restricted the next 3 weeks.  Anyone know someone looking for some part 
time work?  They don't have to be geeky and techie, they just need to be 
able to drive, carry/pick up things, and follow directions.  They will 
have the opportunity to touch a lot of geeky network toys, and I'll be 
happy to teach what I can.  I can't promise anything at this time, but 
if workload continues the way it has been the past 3 months, there might 
be an opportunity for a longer gig and/or actual employment.   But I am 
currently seeking part-time to assist with things I can't do for a few 
weeks, which is basically drive and lift > 5lbs.

Please unicast or hit my cell.  423.505.3598