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Borrow an usb-I2C-db9 connector? Firmware upgrade on Mellanox IB 7790

2021-11-22 by: Michael Ward
From: Michael Ward 
Would anyone have a firmware upgrade cable for a IB switch I could borrow?
It only has a i2c interface and I can=E2=80=99t find the original cable.  I=
ts $400
from Mellanox.

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ I've got quite a selection of serial/UART to USB interfaces, but not i2c, The manual talks about; 1 x Harness RS232 2M cable – DB9 to RJ-451 (included in SB7X00, SB7780 and SX67X0 only) and shows what I would have called a "Cisco Cable" (rj45 serial) https://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/user_manuals/SB77X0_SB78X0_SB67X0_1U_IB_Systems_Quick_Installation_Guide.pdf Is that what you need? I got several ways to do that...

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ original=20 SB7780=20 _1U_IB_Systems_Quick_Installation_Guide.pdf=20 If you need a blue Cisco RJ45 serial cable, please, I have boxes of them. With Gratitude, Dave Brockman

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ Laughing.. I just realized my alpine sort order was backwards and that was an OLD message. Happy 2022 Ya'll.