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RE: Off Topic: 3D printing solution?

2021-11-13 by: Bret McHone
From: Bret McHone 
An SLA (resin based) printer would be best but that's a large print area for those. I have historically had issues with air/water tight prints with more common Cartesian printers. I printed an RC boat and ended up coating it with epoxy to get a truly water tight hull.I would help but I'm in knoxville. Good luck!-Bret
-------- Original message --------From: Unkmar  Date: 11/13/21  3:05 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: dbmchone@gmail.com Subject: [chugalug] Off Topic: 3D printing solution? Hello Friends.I need someone willing to 3D print.(This is my first 3D printing project, I want to be as hands off as possible.)Approximate 210x210x210 mm cubed.The project is mostly hollow, you can think of it as a bucket with holes.The top comes together at a 45 degree angle or less to provide supportduring the printing process. (My attempt to avoid support materialrequirements.)Needs to be airtight to far less than 1 psi. This clearly implieswatertight as well.I created the 3D model and am open to suggestions to improve 3d printquality and integrity.Time is money. I do not expect something for free. The ChattanoogaLibrary is not an option for me. I live outside the City limits.-- Lucius L. Hilley III