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2nd attempt: Job posting for Regions Bank in the southeast

2021-11-10 by: Billy
From: Billy 
I=E2=80=99m not sure I=E2=80=99d the list is working for me. I sent this a f=
ew days ago, and I normally get a copy of things sent to the list. Anyways. L=
et me know if see this via a direct reply.

This is from my customer, that asked if I knew anyone looking for a job.

I personally enjoy working with this customer and her team, which is why I o=
ffered to forward this job along.


The primary focus for this position is in the automation space. Specifically=
 Ansible Tower and Terraform Enterprise. This position will also give them a=
ccess to a lot of learning, growing, and cross training in technology,
Please note: These positions can be 100% remote.


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=============================================================== From: Billy ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for letting me know. I talked to Mike earlier and he said he didn=E2=80=99t see it. Of course he a= lso said that doesn=E2=80=99t mean it wasnt sent=E2=80=A6 just that he didn=E2= =80=99t notice it.=20 --b 20 sent thi=3D 0

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