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Ad-Hoc IT Support for Small Law Firm

2021-09-22 by: Andy Burnett
From: Andy Burnett 
Hey everyone,

My wife's law firm will be transitioning to a new office soon and forming a=
 new business entity.  Prior to their transition their IT support was provi=
ded by "a guy" who managed their Google Workspace account and provided some=
 basic IT support.  They'd like to find someone else to work with and I don=
't have the time to help on an ongoing basis.  Office is very small, two at=
torneys and one admin.  All windows PCs, with email and data storage handle=
d through Google Workspace.  Ideally, they need someone who they can call w=
hen their PCs go down, maybe help with updates, handle printer issues, etc.=
  Would anyone here be interested in supporting?  If so, please email me an=
d let's talk.

Andy Burnett