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Preferred Debian based distro?

2021-05-24 by: Unkmar
From: Unkmar 
Short version: I will elaborate more below.
Alright, I know this may come off as a troll. It is genuine and not meant
as a troll.
What is your preferred Debian based distro of Linux and some reasons why?

Elaboration: I have not actively run Linux in over 2 years. Painfully been
Windows based. Years ago I started with Ubuntu and moved to Debian stable.
While debian has been frustrating at times, It has mostly been a happy and
comfortable experience. I have played with several distros over the years
such as Fedora, SUSE, Kali, Mint, TinyCore, and Puppy. At this point, I
have no interest in entertaining distros that aren't Debian based for my
primary OS. Historically, Debian stable has repeatedly left me behind. Hard
to move forward into the developers future, when most of your software is 6
months to 2 years behind. While I wish to stick with Debian based, I prefer
a Desktop Environment flexibility. I have traditionally preferred LXDE.
Gnome 2 was a little heavy, Gnome 3 feels really weird and overweight.
Cinnamon feels pretty good. I prefer a lightweight desktop over flashy
pizzaz. I like having a taskbar. I will probably avoid using Chrome because
of the entire browser being permanently logged into your google account. I
don't do that with Firefox and I don't like it with Chrome. I am generally
a web developer. So I will have, run, and maintain multiple browsers:
Chromium, Firefox, Opera, and likely some other options. Some of the
software I may be using include Docker, Cordova, Virtual Box, Gimp,
Blender, Steam, OBS Studio, VSCode, PHP, (SQL), Node.js, React, Perl, &

In Debian I had been unable to install a functional version of OBS Studio.
The Gimp version was old and installing an updated version was impossible
because of dependency issues. Python was old. Virtual Box was old.
(Common Issue: Most software was old and many would greatly benefit from a
more recent version. But dependency issues prevented upgrading.)

So, I'm asking for your debian based distro opinions. What have you used
that is similar that I plan to use that works or doesn't. What do you think
*might* work best for me and why?
I know of Ubuntu and Mint. What else is new that I might want to know about?

You may answer publicly or privately? I suggest a list based public
response unless several people object.

-- Sincerely, Lucius L. Hilley III - Unkmar
(All opinions welcome, Pros and cons. I wish to be informed.)

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=============================================================== From: Zachariah Gibbens ------------------------------------------------------ I use Debian Unstable/Experimental almost exclusively. I rarely have to do anything special to it (I say rarely cause the Microsoft Surface 5th Gen LTE is a piece of work for any distro) Also keeps me away from the issues you described with Stable. That said I do always have a terminal open, I always tweak something I don't need to (like changing the TCP congestion control algorithm used by my system) so I might be the wrong person here. Zach