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BYO NAS Distros

2021-05-11 by: Aaron welch
From: Aaron welch 

Anyone have a current favorite that supports local and =E2=80=9Ccloud=E2=80=9D=
/remote users? All the stuff I used to play with is old hat now. Would be co=
ol if it also had Docker/VM support just for grins and giggles.


This was sent from my iPhone, so I apologize for any brevity or spelling err=
ors. Siri also hates the southern accent and autocorrect is on a mission to g=
ive me an aneurysm.=

=============================================================== From: Ben Bryan ------------------------------------------------------ TrueNAS/FreeNAS has a built in hypervisor called Bhyve (requires Intel i3, i5 or i7). You can use Bhyve to run a Linux VM to get your Docker going. ZFS has a learning curve with all the terms (zvol, zpool, etc.) but has many advantages and can be better than hardware RAID for certain scenarios. TrueNAS has all the usual canned services (FTP, SAMBA, Rsync, Active Directory, Apple AFP, Time Machine, NFS, WebDAV, iSCSI and s3 stuff). Only thing is it requires a little more hardware than the usual NAS appliance. I have used recycled desktops to build decent FreeNAS boxens with satisfying results. I have heard Synology makes a great product as well if you want a small package. My 2ยข

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ +1 to FreeNAS g n