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22U server rack available

2021-04-27 by: Lynn Dixon
From: Lynn Dixon 
I've got a 22U server rack available.  I had plans for it, but my wife has
other plans...hah.  So, I am hoping someone else can put it to use and I
can free up space in my garage for the Mrs.

Heres some photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YBzuRzPZKBisgNmN6

nice rack, with heavy casters and doors.  Make me an offer, pick up here in

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ Lynn, Would you mind grabbing full dimensions for me? I think I have a use for this. Does $50 catch your attention? With Gratitude, Dave Brockman Chief Backup Office Gig City Cloud, LLC wife use p here

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ It measures 38 deep x 24 wide and 44 tall $50 is a little less than ideal. How about 75?

=============================================================== From: Jonathan Calloway ------------------------------------------------------ Does the back open? use but my =3D put it to=3D 6 pick u=3D

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ Yeah. The front and back opens. Back door is split down the middle Front door can be hinged in either side. Both doors have latches. Both doors are removable

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ I'm waiting on client to verify this fits in his space, but I'm good on the $75. -Dave k I have a use t, put er,

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ Customer says it's too tall for his space. I'm out. With Gratitude, Dave Brockman nk I have a use it, n put fer,

=============================================================== From: james@bertelson.me ------------------------------------------------------ I'd take it at $75. My homelab needs a better home! -- James Bertelson james@bertelson.me :wq -- -- James Bertelson james@bertelson.me :wq

=============================================================== From: Jonathan Calloway ------------------------------------------------------ Rats. . . I have an 18U. I like it fine, but the darn back doesen=E2=80=99= t open. . . .=20 Oh well on A0 I thi=3D plans for =3D else ca=3D an of=3D

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ James you=E2=80=99re up next since This is too tall for Dave. I=E2=80=99m = out in Ooltewah and this is in my garage so it=E2=80=99ll be easy to load up. Unicast me = and I=E2=80=99ll get you the address and my phone number. @Calloway this ones front and rear doors open nicely. =3DA0 I for se an

=============================================================== From: Nick Smith ------------------------------------------------------ I'm interested in this. Still available?