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Chattanooga Area Jobs

2021-01-05 by: DaWorm
From: DaWorm 
So, anyone know of any potential jobs in the Chattanooga area, or via
remote work, for an old school embedded systems designer type?  You know,
the kind that does his own circuit boards and codes in C to the bare metal,
or at most using a simple RTOS like FreeRTOS?  The kind that writes serial
code directly to the UART, bit bangs serial via timer interrupts and GPIO
when there is no UART, throws out vendor libraries for SPI and such because
they are horribly inefficient and buggy, and creates his own code to drive
color TFT displays at the controller register level?

As it happens, my job of nearly 30 years is over at the end of March.
While I do have a decent severance package to carry me through the summer,
I'd really like to find something I could start on April 1st or close
thereabouts.  But I'm guessing stuff like I do is in short demand in the
Scenic City nowadays.

Anyway, if you happen to know of any such unicorn of a company in the area
that's hiring, I'd appreciate an introduction!