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Information Architecture Statement of Work

2020-10-10 by: Russell Campbell
From: Russell Campbell 
At work (truenorthcustom.com ) we have a =
need for a contractor for the following SOW. If you or your company are =
interested and have the skills then contact me directly for more info. I =
redacted all the specific domain details from this message. The SOW is =

Russell Campbell


Information Architecture Statement of Work. 				=09=

One Live Site	=09
Four Additional domains			=09
Deliverables: =09
1. Future state IA based on comps and wireframes with mapping to current =
site IA urls that includes, current state source and pretty urls, future =
state url, SEO page title, keywords and description for all listed =
domains. 			=09
2. A complete 301 redirect file to account for source url redirects, =
pretty url redirects, dynamic content url redirects and deleted pages =
redirects. 	=09

Tasks: 				=09
1. Map all urls in the Current State IA worksheets to the Future State =
IA based on the provided comps and wireframes. 	=09
2.  Track and create a 301 redirect file				=09=

	Run a scrape on all domains to account for current/exisiting =
	Map current live source (if applicable) and pretty urls to =
future state urls
	Map dynamic content urls to future urls=09
3. Account for all subtenant information architecture according to the =
new subtenant site wireframe and comps	=09
	NOTE	The IA work includes domains external to the primary =
live site domain. 		=09=