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John Aldrich

2020-09-28 by: John Aldrich
From: John Aldrich 
Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group


But on our Hack the World trip to Costa Rica earlier this month, I was flying with a bunch of aerosol bottles in tow—spray sunscreen, bug spray for the entire crew—and hey, work was paying for it anyway. I updated my flight info in the Jet Blue app (always use your airline’s app!) to note that I’d be checking one piece of luggage, put in my corporate card info to cover the (exorbitant) $30 fee, and didn’t think anything else of it.

The only problem is that most of those papers are about pre-clinical research. In other words, it’s done in test tubes or in mice. Treatments that work in mice sometimes work in humans, but this kind of research is very preliminary, and plenty of pre-clinical research hits a dead end once it’s tried in humans.

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