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2020-06-30 by: kitepilot@kitepilot.com
From: kitepilot@kitepilot.com

Hello all...=0AAnd THANKS!!! for the warm welcome back.=0A=0ANow a cry fo=
r help:=0AI wrote a fairly complex multithreaded C/C++ daemon that I have=
 configured to catch all signals so I can control how it dies.=0AMost of =
the times I login in several shells simultaneously to monitor different p=
arameters.=0AThe problem is that sometimes SIGTERM (and most times SIGKIL=
L) aborts the thing so abruptly that it logs out the user from *ALL* the =
shells!=0A=0AHOW THE #$%^*& CAN THAT HAPPEN!?!?!?!=0A=0AThere is no core =
(I already configured and tested that), the debugger doesn't survive it e=
ither, and seems to be related to the instanciation of the threads.=0A=0A=
I have no clue how a program aborting can log out the user in all the she=
lls and leave no trace.=0AI was able to replicate the behaviour (not very=
 consistently) by "killing" simple programs using signals above SIGRTMIN =
(/usr/include/asm-generic/signal.h), but at the end I could not draw any =
correlation.=0A=0AHas anybody experienced something like this?=0AI had ne=
ver seen it...    :(=0AThanks!=0AET