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[Chugalug] Good Morning Chugalugs!

2020-03-10 by: Dean Warren
From: Dean Warren 
Hey Guys,
Anyone know of a good resource for Meetups in the Atlanta area?
Hope you have a great day,
Dean Warren

On Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 7:09 PM Michael Harrison 

> The new list server seems to be working very well with almost 1000 emails
> sent with 13 test members. (Some of them are even real, like Adam, Lisa,
> Don, Jeff, Kraus...Thank You!)
> I've got a little code clean up and config work to do to make it go live,
> but unless ya'll scream or something weird happens, I plan on moving
> Chugalug's website and email service over the weekend. You might notice it,
> might not. The main list has been quiet, or stuck (I keep restarting
> mailman when the qrunner's hang...). Which for 221 opinionated Linux-ish
> users, mostly means that it's been blowing chunks. As Melee has better (it
> works) bounce detection I expect that the list will cull quickly on the new
> server.
> On of the differences of MELEE is that if mail comes from strange places
> and does not see the word 'subscribe' in the subject, it ignores and
> deletes it. No attempts to send a reply, no bounce loops, etc..  It'll have
> a blacklist by IP and keyword soon as well as some moderator tools if we
> ever need them.
> And I think I've got a presentation for a future Chugalug meeting..