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Cool find of the day

2020-02-27 by: Adam Jimerson
From: Adam Jimerson 
So cool easter egg find of the day, ZSH has a curses version of tetris built 
in. If you have ZSH installed and want to give it a try run the following in a 
terminal to load the module and start the game:

$ autoload -Uz tetriscurses
$ tetriscurses

Enjoy the wasted time ;)

Interestingly even with this ZSH is still smaller than BASH

$ pacman -Qi zsh bash|grep -E '^(Name|Installed Size|$)'
Name            : zsh
Installed Size  : 6.22 MiB   

Name            : bash
Installed Size  : 8.03 MiB

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Cursed find!