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A few remarks about the mailing list web UI and password reset

2020-02-24 by: Adam Jimerson
From: Adam Jimerson 

So now that the web interface for the list management is working (good work
by the way),

Since you're using basic auth, maybe in the password reset email state that
"your email address is your username"

Also the "Public Key" label in the textarea has a static position which is
fine until you enter your public key info in it. I can send images off list
if you would like.

Other than that having a way to set a password of our own instead of having
to rely on the randomly generated one from the lists password reset magic
incantation would be a nice have.

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ Good point. Nose to close to wall. Missed sharp corner ;) Thank you. Hmm.. worked good for me.. but easy enough to use non-default CSS and make it work better. It's on the to-do list. As you know, I hate password reset forms: gotta do some sanity checking, detaint special chars properly. I want to do it right: eventually. What I really hate is password re-use. So mnay people use the same password everywhere. So having melee generate a password solves that. No javascript, input validation, etc.. ;) - But it is coming. One of the reasons I'm doing some odd-ball projects is I'm using them as test beds and trials for some things ring-u and other projects need. Going to PHP 7.3 required me to stop using mcrypt, and so far LibSodium is working well, adding GPG signing has other uses...