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RE: part-time work opportunity?

2020-02-23 by: William Roush
From: William Roush 
Every piece of that is a subset that we do, but we're completely packed right now. ☹

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From: Joel Swanson  
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2020 12:20 AM
To: William Roush 
Subject: [chugalug] part-time work opportunity?

Hello Chugalug,

I hope this isn't totally out of place on the list - if so, somebody let me know, and this will be the last time I share something like this.

The work opportunity below is beyond my abilities, but I thought perhaps someone on the list might be interested in some freelance work to help a ministry that provides profesisonal counseling and mental health services to Christian missionaries.  I know nothing about the scope of their project or compensation; I simply know that I respect Curtis and the mental health and counseling work that GRC provides. Here's the details he sent me:

    Our ministry, GRC (godspeedresources.org), is needing help coding
    in our new customized database. Do you know anyone that can code
    in the following areas?
        * Proficient in C# (.NET Core, MVC Design Pattern)
        * Proficient in Web Development (HTML/CSS)
        + Bootstrap knowledge is a plus
        * Proficient in Javascript
        * Proficient in Git Source Control
        * Working knowledge of IIS
        * Working knowledge of MySql
        * Working knowledge of AWS

    If so, please have them contact me at curtis@godspeedresources.org
    (mailto:curtis@godspeedresources.org?subject=Coding) .

Thanks for considering this and/or passing it on if you know someone who may be qualified to help Curtis and GRC.

Joel Swanson

=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ .NET Core was definitely a move that Microsoft should have made in the firs= t place (lol original .NET Framework being "Cross platform" because it work= ed on various Windows platforms, get out of here with that). The changes ha= ve improved the platform *vastly*. We still actually mostly deploy to IIS because Octopus Deploy is frankly gr= eat and good Linux support only came out semi-recently. -----Original Message----- From: Billy =20 Sent: Friday, February 21, 2020 10:00 AM To: William Roush Subject: Re: [chugalug] part-time work opportunity? Had me interested until the .Net core+MVC and IIS... makes me nervous shake= a=3D nd laugh uncontrollably... --b ote: