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OpenSolaris -> OmniOS, Illumos Guru?

2020-02-21 by: "Mike (meuon) Harrison"
From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" 

Just got an interesting call.....

Anyone out there consider themselves good with Solaris/OpenSolaris/OmniOS
wanting to dive into helping Alan Field / Surfn / Chattanooga Software


Dive into migrating some systems to OmniOS on new hardware?

Alan is 423-821-3463


More about OmniOS: https://omniosce.org

He says he's running/migrating code/data in Apache, Perl, MySQL...


My worst case: Am downloading OmniOS and may go see if I can help this weekend...
Please let me know if you want to jump in or do jump in to help.

=============================================================== From: Billy ------------------------------------------------------ That=E2=80=99d be interesting. Let me know how it goes.=20 --b te: kend...