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part-time work opportunity?

2020-02-21 by: Joel Swanson
From: Joel Swanson 

Hello Chugalug,

I hope this isn't totally out of place on the list - if so, somebody let me know, and this will be the last time I share something like this.

The work opportunity below is beyond my abilities, but I thought perhaps someone on the list might be interested in some freelance work to help a ministry that provides profesisonal counseling and mental health services to Christian missionaries.  I know nothing about the scope of their project or compensation; I simply know that I respect Curtis and the mental health and counseling work that GRC provides. Here's the details he sent me:

    Our ministry, GRC (godspeedresources.org), is needing help coding
    in our new customized database. Do you know anyone that can code
    in the following areas?
        * Proficient in C# (.NET Core, MVC Design Pattern)
        * Proficient in Web Development (HTML/CSS)
        + Bootstrap knowledge is a plus
        * Proficient in Javascript
        * Proficient in Git Source Control
        * Working knowledge of IIS
        * Working knowledge of MySql
        * Working knowledge of AWS

    If so, please have them contact me at curtis@godspeedresources.org
    (mailto:curtis@godspeedresources.org?subject=Coding) .

Thanks for considering this and/or passing it on if you know someone who may be qualified to help Curtis and GRC.

Joel Swanson

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ Joel, The post is very apropos to the list.. but we get to tear it apart also ;) First, a plug for something that might be useful to them: https://wecounsel.com a locally grown company and former business neighbor. Second: It sounds like an abandonware project that someone else started with a very specific toolset. My advice is such situations is usually to find the right person (personality, work style, skill level) and let them use the tools the are proficient in. If you are looking for someone to work with entity that started the project, then the post was spot on. As a *nix centric list, as an example I'd probably use LAMP (Linux OS, Apache, PHP (maybe some perl too?), MariaDB, Git (of course)... Every dev on the list has their own favorite toolset.

=============================================================== From: Billy ------------------------------------------------------ Had me interested until the .Net core+MVC and IIS... makes me nervous shake a= nd laugh uncontrollably... --b ote:

=============================================================== From: Sudo Bash ------------------------------------------------------ I wish I could get this, but I honestly have more pressing matters at the moment. On Sun, Feb 23, 2020, 12:05 PM William Roush wrote: ct h