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RE: Ex-Amazon Dev/Engineers?

2020-02-13 by: William Roush
From: William Roush 
James Anderson at Devanooga used to work at Amazon, but did some pretty mundane work while there so not sure how relevant it’ll be (Amazon is *really* big, experiences can vary at on). If you’re still looking for input poke him.

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From: Michael Harrison 
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2020 9:10 PM
To: William Roush 
Subject: [chugalug] Ex-Amazon Dev/Engineers?

Anyone recently spent some time at Amazon as a Dev/Devops/Engineer recently that is NOT currently there? Got someone that wants to chat for 10 minutes, mostly about culture. Very off the record. I can introduce you...No, she does not work for Amazon and this is not a sting. She MIGHT be looking at taking a job, or working on product integration with Amazon, but those are my guesses with little real info.

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks. I think she got what she was looking for. Same story from multiple sources...

=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ lly care. Have worked at a place like that before, lots of arguments with upper manag= ement, lots of broken software and issues with customers, tons of missing m= oney, sloppy behavior everywhere. Long stressful hours. Ended up getting pa= nic attacks over the stress. All for below-market pay. What ends up happening is the only people stay are those that don't care --= because they're the only people that can mentally deal with it. You end up= with a ton of talent drain and if you're someone who cares it's frustratin= g. --- RE: Chugabonfire: I really need to make one of these meet-ups that isn't a swap-meet. -----Original Message----- From: Mike (meuon) Harrison =20 Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2020 4:45 PM To: William Roush Subject: Re: [chugalug] Ex-Amazon Dev/Engineers? You knew the devil you worked with before you worked with him again. -- Follow up re: Amazon: My contact was counseling another dev, that was considering a job at Amazon= . Where she was, a fast growing future dot.bomb, was so bad that even with= the information provided from multiple sources, said:=20 "Sounds better than.... ". She was working 12+hrs a day in a place where re= al time API's for financial / banking integration were not tested and faili= ng in epic ways and the "senior" devs didn't really care. Reality check: Th= at is one very small perspective, but Amazon sounded better and she has ser= ious technical skills. She'll excel and find a better long term home (we ho= pe), maybe even at Amazon. Bonfires are great places to chat. Thought: Are we due for a Chugabonfire? --Mike--