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How to subscribe

2020-02-12 by: Mitch Tuck
From: Mitch Tuck 
A buddy of mine was trying to subscribe, but isn=E2=80=99t working.  Was wo=
if this is a problem with it changing?

=============================================================== From: James Bertelson ------------------------------------------------------ s wondering if this is a problem with it changing? Worked for me earlier today, just sent an email with 'subscribe' as the = subject to chugalug@chugalug.org -- James Bertelson james@bertelson.me :wq

=============================================================== From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" ------------------------------------------------------ Bluntly: 3 new members (although 1 is a new address for a legacy) just TODAY. It's working :) - One of my reasons to re-invigorate Chugalug was I was seeing some Slack groups die off.. As for the new people, It's up to them to announce themselves, we have some lurkers, and that's OK. Have your buddy send me an email directly. I can manually add them. The list engine will NOT see UTF8 encoded subject lines.. But the whole point of a mailing list subscribing via email is... gotta be able to send/receive reasonably well formatted email. I don't have debug mode on, so I don't have a copy of all the spam and other raw email to the list. Note: If you want to test the list, without mailing 223+ people, send an email with the subject line "list working" or "fortune" or "help". --Mike--