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Dumped gmail and some spam rules..

2020-02-12 by: "Mike (meuon) Harrison"
From: "Mike (meuon) Harrison" 

For a long time, I've forwarded mike@* (and other addresses) to mike.geeklabs at google.
Not doing that anymore, although I'm keeping that gmail account I now 
realize how much Google was filtering my email. Gotta admit, it's GOOD at 
it, and over time I was seeing less and less, and have been missing some 
important things. Yes, it sorts into folders, that I rarely looked at.


True SPAM seems to mostly be much less varied than it used to be and there 
seems to be some easy patterns to detect by, At least on a handful of 
addresses that I use. Looks like I'm nuking 90%+ of the span in my inboxes 
with some very simple regexes on the raw subject line.

$subjectbadwords = 
array("/fuck/i","/hookup/i","/utf8/i","/utf-8/i","/screw/i","/free gift/i","/^mike$/i")

(I don't need anything from anyone on these accounts with UTF8 subject lines...)

I'm not even having to parse message bodies.. just 'From' and 'Subject' is 
enough to get most of it.

The question:

I'm curious, are the rest of ya'll seeing the same thing? Are e-mail 
spammers fading away to the very lowest crappy level senders or have my 
addresses just been getting removed from the lists?

=============================================================== From: James Bertelson ------------------------------------------------------ It's been a couple of years since I've hosted my own email (It's worth it for me to pay a few bucks a month to outsource the hassle) but recall that a good DNSRBL, greylisting and basic SMTP validation (validating reverse lookup on HELO/EHLO) handled most of my spam issues. I wasn't even using content scanning except to filter messages into directories based on the to: address. -- James Bertelson james@bertelson.me :wq