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RE: "Clear linux"

2020-02-09 by: don@coastlandtech.com
From: don@coastlandtech.com
I have stack HP servers all CentOS, and real stable.  I have  been =
running Redhat/CentOS sense Mike help me move=20

customers from a couple of server in Florida to he had started a nice =
little business.  That was 1999=E2=80=A6. =20

All my support call from Windows customers, so I have been running =
Windows desktop, W10 now and MS-office.. =20

MS-surface for the laser cutter and my table is the 3D Printer head. I =
tried Linux then but Windows is the software the=20

I find support for them..=20




From: mike@cybrmall.com =20
Sent: Sunday, February 9, 2020 10:25 AM
To: donpeek@vpntranet.com
Subject: Re: [chugalug] "Clear linux"


Stability is why I started using Linux a long long time ago. It IS =

I've become the grumpy old skool Debian guy. I'll put Linux Mint =
w/Cinnamon on various desktops at work for normal people, partially =
because Phil likes and uses it, and I like it enough. If I put "plank" ( =
a small dock) on a bare clean machine with a terminal, firefox, chrome, =
vlc, gimp.. I can't tell if I'm on my Mac, or one of my Linux systems. =
For my desktop usage, it doesn't matter. On servers and devices: Debian =
except for a few odd VoIP things. In which case Ubuntu's been the only =
way I can get T38FAX to work well. Some bizarre dependencies. As I =
rebuild/upgrade some things at work, I think everything but the fax =
servers will go straight Debian. One of my reasons is Debian support for =
ARM. Both at ring-u and for some personal projects, got a few (< 1k =
though) ARM boxen running, It also seems to change less that whatever =
new kick Ubuntu is on this year.=20

If Debian means I gotta re-build/re-install servers every 2-3 years, =
that also means I have to make sure the code/systems stay maintainable =
and re-installable on new systems. Not always a bad thing. And as Dave =
Brockman reminded me/us: There is also an LTS support option..=20

February 9, 2020 9:05 AM, "Wil Wade"  wrote:

I tried it recently on my laptop. It lasted about one hour. It was =
really unstable, which is opposite of its stated best parts about it!

On Sat, Feb 8, 2020, 7:49 PM  wrote:

I saw this: =

Which made me go looking. https://clearlinux.org/