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2020-02-03 by: Michael Harrison
From: Michael Harrison 
Dear Chugalugarians,

Chugalug.org has been a domain and mailing list since January 1999.
21 years ago.  It's been a part of my life, and the lives of many of us.
It's currently running on mailman 2.1 on a server that is suffering from
duct tape induced upgradeitis.

I've recently built a new server for it (actually, several times..) and
tried to deal with the world of "Mailman 3" and also stared at a few other
mailing list manager and remailers.

In frustration and to see how hard this really is, I built one.  It's simple
for now, although that may change quickly, I'm considering adding GPG
support and some other interesting features.  It does not have a web
interface yet but should in the next week.

My Goals:
   0. Learn some things about current email specs/environment actual usage.
(I have already).
   1. Watch this break spectacularly with the way some chugalarians
host/process/send their email.
   2. See if this is viable long term way to run the Chugalug (and possibly
other) mailing lists.

If the membership proves it not viable in the next month or so, we'll dive
deeper in Python/dJango/etc.. for MailMan 3.

Want to experiment with me?

Send an email to: chugalug@cybrmall.com

In the subject line, put the word:    subscribe

Project Melee (a very simple Mailing List Processor)

Current features:
   - auto subscribe
   - bounce detection (and your membership is on hold after 2 bounces
   - currently: full body email sent via list. MIME, HTML, Embeds...
   - the umpteen things a mailing list manager probably should do...
   - Allowing or disallowing members to send large/complex emails
   - GPG support ranging from simple signing to full on encryption of each
message body, choosable by member.
   - Database/web archive of messages, or not.

Current code < 1k lines and looks like:

76069 Feb  3 00:35 chugalug.org.sql