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X display manager soft-lockups

2020-01-02 by: Dan Lyke
From: Dan Lyke 
So I have an Asus ZenBook running XUbuntu (currently 19.19) that I adore,
except for two things:

1. Volume control for the on-board speakers is a little wonky. There's a
fix out there that kinda works, though I have to reapply it every time I
upgrade ALSA, and it mucks with the volume control in the headphone jack,
which is more important to me.

2. If I have display manager locking enabled, either with XDM or LightDM,
About 20% of the time it comes back from sleep I have mouse cursor and all
the windows of my X session visible, but no interaction. And, of course, no
lock screen.

I can control-alt-F1 to get to a Linux console. From there I can restart
the display manager (at, of course, the expense of my session) and log back
into X. But what I'd really like is either some way to fix the display
manager, or some way to tell the display manager from the command-line to
wake up and run me through the lock-screen sequence.

Because it kinda sucks to be running a laptop that doesn't lock when I
close it.


=============================================================== From: Joseph Simoneau ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Well...if the fix you found generally works for you, you can actually configure apt to run scripts before/after upgrades. So, you could just re-apply the fix every time alsa gets upgraded. Source/Information: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-linux-hook-a-script-command-to-apt-get-upgrade-command/ 2. I actually use i3lock (manually invoked with a keystroke configured by my window manager) to lock my computer. But...I've had that happen in the past. I'm pretty sure when it happened, it started after an upgrade at some point and stopped doing it after an upgrade some time later. One of the times it happened, I really couldn't afford to lose the X session and remember what I was doing. So, I tried just closing it again, waiting a few seconds, and opening it again....and it unlocked just fine. I know it's not a solution, but that little trick worked until the computer stopped doing it. So, I'd at least try that a time or two before restarting X. It also might be worth switching to tty1 and then back to whichever one X is running on to see if that works before restarting X.