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Linux just feels natural to me.

2020-01-02 by: Unkmar
From: Unkmar 
My general preference has been LXDE on Debian.

It has been months since I used Linux. I mean REALLY used Linux. OMG,
I still love it. Felt a little rusty at first and then things just
started feeling good again. Part of the funny feeling is that I really
love the feel of the command line for most things. Synaptic is funny
feeling and clunky. I hope aptitude never goes away. For me synaptic,
apt and apt-get still require a bit of bumbling around to find things.
Those are great when you know almost exactly what package you want.
But aptitude is just easier to use. Ah... Bliss. I am never more
reminded of how much I hate Windows than the comfort and natural feel
of using Linux. Too bad this particular Linux install is in a VM.
Oh well. #LoveLinux

Lucius L. Hilley III - Unkmar