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OT: Need to get rid of old gaming rig

2019-09-18 by: Andy Burnett
From: Andy Burnett 
I've got an Alienware Aurora R3 (2011 era) that's taking up space at home and
I'd like to get rid of it.  It's been a great PC, but I've since moved on
and no longer have any use for it.  Here's a link to the specs:


The hdd is a 500gb spinner, not the 1tb drive listed.  The rest of the specs
are correct.

It can actually still handle most modern FPS type games at low settings and
plays indie games and the like perfectly.  I run Ubuntu on it right now and
use Steam's version of Proton to play Windows games and for the most part it
plays them flawlessly.  List of supported games under Proton below:


Please note, the thing is a 45lb tank.  Also, if you plan on running Win10
for any reason, prepare for some compatibility issues.  There's an issue
with the BIOS that Dell never patched that makes installing and updating
Win10 an ongoing pain.  There's a workaround, but it's pretty goofy.  Link
to some guidance on how to manage a Win10 install below:


Send me a message if you're interested!  I'll make you a smashing deal.


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