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gmail - view source?

2019-04-26 by: Unkmar
From: Unkmar 
First, I want to say thank you for any and all that take time to read and
consider just the first section of this email.

How do I view source of email in gmail in the browser based environment
without OPENing and rendering the HTML based email?
My best guess is: You don't!  At least not through a browser.
If you don't know a way.  Silence is a fully acceptable response.

-- Lucius L. Hilley III - (aka: Unkmar)

---[ End of first section ]---
Here is the deal, I use gmail only through web interface or android.  I
don't use an email client.
I sometimes get spam and simply OPENING and email likely reports back that
the email address is valid for MORE spam.  The smart course of action is to
scan or read the email in a text only or source mode.  A mode that does NOT
pull random links, images or other methods that can be used to validate
that the email was opened and thereby valid.

Currently, I take the following actions.  I refuse to use a Preview mode.
That effectively auto opens the potential HTML report image laden email
with NO chance of preventing it.  Just because it was the most recent email
in your inbox.  Second, when I see a From address and/or subject that looks
like it MIGHT be spam.  I just can it.  Don't even bother to investigate or
try to block because... That appears to require me to OPEN the email, only
making the problem worse.

--- The message parts below were started, aborted and reformulated above.
Reason for the abort? I have my opinions. They are my opinions and I know
longer expect or care if others agree.  My opinions and tactics are not
relevant to my question. I am not trying to convince others to do as I do.
And I won't be using a computer side client as a solution or forwarding the
emails to another system.

I use gmail. Like it, love it, hate it.  Don't matter, it is what it is.
With that limitation comes another.  I don't use an email client.  I access
my email from too many locations and just don't... You know what? I don't
need to explain myself or my reasons.  In short, I generally have moved to
the cloud in a fashion that does NOT mean all my electronic information is
there.  More like, I mostly don't have or create private electronic
information any more.  I gave up!  This computer is dead then the other, I
have some backups, then... Nope, again, I don't need to explain reasoning.

=============================================================== From: Unkmar ------------------------------------------------------ And... 3 minutes later I find a solution. Open gmail. (Not the message) Click the Gear to the up corner Click Settings Under General, 6th item down is Images Select "Ask before displaying external images" Scroll to bottom and "Save Changes" Now you can open the email without it loading the likely SPY image links. Then optionally view source for additional forensics if desired. I had already done this on one of my Gmail accounts and forgotten about it. Cheers. -- Lucius L. Hilley III - (aka: Unkmar) X19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX18KQ2h1Z2FsdWcg bWFpbGluZyBsaXN0CkNodWdhbHVnQGNodWdhbHVnLm9yZwpodHRwOi8vY2h1Z2FsdWcub3JnL2Nn aS1iaW4vbWFpbG1hbi9saXN0aW5mby9jaHVnYWx1Zwo=

=============================================================== From: Nick Smith ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for that.