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SELF call for speakers closes tomorrow, some speakers announced, LUG care packages

2019-04-16 by: "George P. Burdell"
From: "George P. Burdell" 
The SouthEast LinuxFest call for speakers closes tomorrow (submit here:
https://goo.gl/forms/BOwy2tthvoWloOCv2 ).  SELF is June 14-16 this year,
once again at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel in Charlotte, NC.  As
far as topics, SELF is highly community oriented, so we love to showcase
LUG talent throughout the southeast.  In specific, here's what polled well
with our audience:

Information Security (Pentesting, Defensive Strategies, Exploit Response,
etc) (4.96)
Homelab (Homebrew Firewall/NAS/Servers/etc) (4.95)
Systems Administration and Orchestration (4.88)
Network Administration/Networking (4.76)
Open Source A/V (Kdenlive, Blender, Audacity, etc) (4.69)
Python (4.61)
Smart Home and IoT (4.39)
Smarter You (Body Hacks, Organization, Ergonomics, etc) (4.24)
DevOps (4.20)
Golang (4.11)
Database Administration (4.09)
Community (Building, Org, Outreach, etc) (4.02)

But if you have something cool not listed, don=E2=80=99t be discouraged! We=
all kinds of content, and have had popular talks on WWI Battleships,
Ergonomics, Knitting, and more. If it=E2=80=99s geeky, we=E2=80=99re listen=

In addition, SELF has announced the first keynote this year:  Long Term
Trends in Open Source by Eric S. Raymond:  It=E2=80=99s been 22 years since=
Cathedral and the Bazaar=E2=80=9D. Where we=E2=80=99ve been might tell us s=
omething about
where we=E2=80=99re going. Today=E2=80=99s challenges include the ephemeral=
ization of
computers, the decline of C, open hardware, and increasingly dangerous
information monopolies. What=E2=80=99s a hacker to do?

And we will definitely have some LUG care boxes this year of swag to
giveaway at meetings, including some of the SELF 10th Anniversary giant
sticker collections.  If you'll be at SELF on Sunday June 16th, please
contact us at info@southeastlinuxfest.org so we can arrange a box for your

Cheers, and hope to see you there!