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[OT?] Hardware suggestion request. IT Professional Laptop

2019-03-07 by: Chad Smith
From: Chad Smith 
Hello all,

Greetings from China.

If you were to design your perfect IT professional laptop for use in an
office complex/school campus environment - what types of connectivity would
you want on the laptop?

The other devices on campus include everything from iPad Minis to rooms
full of server racks - smart projectors and Microsoft Surfaces, old Dell
desktops and MacBook Pros, Apple Watches and Android Smartphones...  And
the user of the laptop is expected to be able to interface with them all.

My basic list includes the obvious:  USB 3.0 full-sized ports, USB-C, HDMI,
Headphone Jack, Mic Jack, Built-in mic, camera, speakers, keyboard,
trackpad, WiFi 5 Ghz, Bluetooth 4.0+, MicroSD, (or Full SD?), etc.

Do see a need for an Ethernet port (or 2?)?  How about
an RS-232 serial port?  DisplayPort?

Or should it just have a USB-C and then we have a bag of adapters for

What do you think?

I'm leaving off things like CPU / GPU / RAM / SSD specs because obviously
the faster / bigger the better.

I look forward to your wisdom. Xie xie!

*- Chad W. Smith*

=============================================================== From: DaWorm ------------------------------------------------------ Wired Ethernet and serial are probably best left to adapters. HDMI can be adapted to DisplayPort as well. Not sure any laptop has this, but NFC could prove useful. Imagine uploading pics from a phone just by setting it on the laptop, for instance, or tapping your card to pay for an online purchase (if security can be managed). I'd also include a fingerprint scanner. If new, Bluetooth 5.0 as a minimum. A couple of other ideas, do like the Surface and include USB charging in the laptop power brick. If room, a Qi wireless charger in the laptop lid or brick for charging phones without wires would be handy too. Jeff

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ Personally, a wired GigE port is the first thing on my list. Thanks but no thanks to dealing with the hell that is USB Ethernet adapters, especially if you need to deal with VLANs or jumbo frames. USB Serial can be done pretty painlessly, although not necessarily inexpensively, depending on what you need on the serial port. I use MSI gaming laptops if that helps. Cheers, -Dave I can n top n to be