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OT: Options for 3rd party EMC support/maintenance

2019-02-20 by: Nick Smith
From: Nick Smith 

I was curious if anyone on the list has ever needed 3rd party hardware
support/maintenance for an EMC san and who you would recommend?

We have one coming up for renewal and they dont like to support aging
hardware so the maintenance cost went up 200%.

Just looking to see what options are out there.
We will be moving to a different SAN solution this year but we might need
support for a couple months until that happens.


Nick Smith
nick at nicksmith dot us

=============================================================== From: Chris Mowery ------------------------------------------------------ I have used SEI, Service Express, for aging hardware support. They handle a lot of different hardware and have always been responsive when we've needed them. https://www.serviceexpress.com/ Chris On Wed, Feb 20, 2019, 12:49 PM Nick Smith Hey CHUGALUG!

=============================================================== From: Sudo Bash ------------------------------------------------------ You should look into nimble arrays.