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Batteries and motors and such

2018-11-28 by: Dan Lyke
From: Dan Lyke 
So the discussion of batteries leads me to...

A year ago, my 9yo nephew came down to visit for a week, and I totally
slacked off work and we went to the salvage place next to the dump,
and luck of all luck, found a powered wheelchair chassis for $60. Took
that sucker home, hacksawed it apart, cleaned up some solder joints,
scarfed two batteries out of neighborhood cars, and with a little bit
of plywood built a chassis and he had an electric go cart-ish. I mean,
it wasn't screamingly fast, but...

Now I'd love to help the kid maybe do something funner: Two wheels
seems easy enough to get a chassis for, but I haven't played with
motors, controllers and batteries. Anyone got a line on where I might
be able to pick up such things relatively cheap?

(While I'm at it, I also want to build a lift-off cover for the swim
spa: Anyone got a line on four 2-stage telescoping linear actuators
that'd give me 8' of travel and 150 lbs each worth of lift or so? Less
price-sensitive on these.)


=============================================================== From: David Rucker ------------------------------------------------------ There is a place in Atlanta called Repurposed Materials. I haven't had a chance to go check them out yet and they may just mostly be drums, pallets, etc... However I'm pretty sure I have seen them sell other various types of equipment. That's about as local as I can think of. Thanks, David R.