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OT: Kids Coding?

2018-10-23 by: Wil Wade
From: Wil Wade 
Ok so my daughter wants to graduate out of Sketch. She is more or less
ready for real coding. She is also interested in Javascript as I showed her
out to use it to make a button change the color of some text and throw up
an alert (We should never forget how much this computer stuff looks like
magic and how easy it is to get a kid interested).

So what are the suggestions out there? I think she still needs more
guidance (and fun) than just an editor and a book. It also likely needs to
be targeted to kids to meet her attention span.

Things I have been looking at:

Tynker (Looks nice. Does block coding and real coding. Expensive, and not
that much in the real coding area?)
Kodable (Messy look and no way for the kids to log in separately, but cheap)
https://www.codeavengers.com (? and expensive)
https://codecombat.com (?)