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[OT] AI Observations [WAS: Light freelance contracting gig]

2018-08-21 by: Chad Smith
From: Chad Smith 
Probably OT but I thought some might find this interesting....

I have no idea why - but Gmail wants to translate this message from Irish
to English.  (Doing so changes about 1/3 of the words to Title Case - and
then changes random words like "once" to "delimited" and ""do"" into

*- Chad W. Smith*

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 4:54 AM David White  wrote:

> Here's your semi-annual notice that I'm looking for contractors! Those of
> you on the list will know that I post basically the same message about once
> or twice a year. :)
> I'm looking for someone interested in (mostly) WordPress freelance work
> and in Linux server administration. Also sometimes there's custom PHP
> coding mixed in, and then there's the really random stuff for some of my
> random clients, but I won't get into that...
> Generally speaking, I want a little bit of extra help monitoring our
> existing systems. There's no requirement for you to "do" anything at any
> particular time. My arrangement with my current and former contractors has
> been: You get added to our  email ticket support system and I add your
> email address to Nagios (which we use to monitor or servers). Then, if an
> issue does come up, AND you are available AND you are able / willing to fix
> whatever is wrong, then you can jump in and fix the problem, whatever that
> might be - and I pay you for your time. Just as simple as that.
> We're currently managing about 15 servers, all of which are CentOS, and
> all of which are in the cloud. 2 of these are running cPanel, and the rest
> just run basic LAMP stacks without any GUI. We utilize 2 main cloud
> providers, as well as a smaller 3rd provider that acts as our secondary MX,
> DNS, and server that runs our support system. (We use osTicket for our
> support platform).
> If you're interested, give me a shout here, or email me:
> david[at]developcents[dot]com. Apologies in advance if you see this
> multiple times - I'm going to cross-post in a few different places.
> --
> David White

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ I always knew I was part Irish.