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Need a Windows 10 Mule Laptop

2018-08-15 by: Mike Harrison
From: Mike Harrison 

Yeah, I know.. It's a Linux forum. Don't worry, we'll free their digital 
souls when we are done with a good Linux install.

Dan Mailman (a friend) needs one or two good solid laptops to verify 
some software installs for Windows 10 on and to use as sales demos.

Anyone got a laptop or two for sale in presentable shape at $250 each or 
less, or a good recommendation better than:


Otherwise, in a day or three I'll be buying one or more of those..

423 605-6943

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ I got you covered. I will pull specs in the AM. This was sent from my iPhone, so I apologize for any brevity or spelling errors. Siri also hates the southern accent and autocorrect is on a mission to give me an aneurysm.