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2018-07-08 by: David White
From: David White 
I use vim over any other text editor, but I've never really taken the time
to learn more than the rudimentary vim commands.

That's about to change, because this looks awesome:

David White

=============================================================== From: Adam Jimerson ------------------------------------------------------ THere is also https://vim-adventures.com/ which teaches some more powerful ways to navigate things in Vim other than using the arrow key or hjkl. Last time I checked it out the first level was free then each level after that cost $$$. It seems now they have gone to a standard license model with a personal license costing $25/6 months but teaches you how to use the following: h j k l : w W e E b B x X r d dd D ~ 0 ^ $ f F t T ; , % z zt zz zb g gg G digits (1-9) * # n N p P " y yy Y :reg "" "- "_ numbered-registers letter-registers i I a A c cc C s S o O { } ( ) [{ ]} [( ]) . text-objects H M L nu | / ? ` ' m :marks :delmarks u CTRL-R buffers (:b :ls) files (:w :e)