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Ubiquiti ERPOE-5 vs ER-X

2018-07-02 by: Eric Wolf
From: Eric Wolf 
I currently have an Ubiquiti ERPOE-5 sitting in a drawer because I bricked
it with a bad firmware update (need to see if I can fix it). I just noticed
(not a network guy, so out of the loop) that Ubiquiti is selling a new
5-port router, the ER-X, which is $54 on Amazon. That's cheap enough to be
in the range of "let's not screw with the bricked router and just buy a new

I'm currently running the home networking on a TP-LINK AC1900 which I
bought in a panic after bricking the ERPOE-5. On the AC1900, Ookla only
shows 100Mbps up and down to my hardwired desktop. Other than download
performance at my desktop, everything else in the house is fine. I'm
suspecting the AC1900 might have some bandwidth QOS management going on.

Maybe I just need to spend some time poking at my existing hardware and not
buying new... Thoughts? Is there anything in the new ER-X that I'm missing?

Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734

=============================================================== From: JustinMcAfee ------------------------------------------------------ Had a clients ERX get flashed the other day on dirty residential power. Highly recommend UBNTs RMA process. Only thing I was asked for was a narrative and a copy of the receipt for a WAP that was possibly outside the warranty period. They sent back brand new equipment for everything with no questions asked. I'd recommend the ERX to anyone, I've deployed less than 100 in the last few years and this was the only one that I've gotten a call about. Either option is solid, and the ERX is often available for $35. If you can't find one, Hmu, I'll find you one at cost. Note: ERX only has one PoE passthrough on Eth5, but can run on PoE from an injector to Eth0 then back out eth5. -JM Owner, McAfeeMediaSolutions.com 423.774.7205 Sent from ProtonMail mobile -------- Original Message --------

=============================================================== From: DaWorm ------------------------------------------------------ I was barely competent enough to set mine up initially with the long range access point and to allow access to my Plex server. So whether its suitable for any other purpose I can't judge. I can say its fast and it never gives me any trouble at all. I set it and forget it. Jeff

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ I've been setting up clients with the ER-X, its got its issues, but overall once its configured properly its reliable and capable.

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ The ER-X has twice the CPU as the ER5POE. The ER5POE has 3 hardware routing interfaces/pipes, the ER-X has a switch and some kind of funky hardware pipeline, but only a portion of it is available currently. Realistically, if you're looking to push a Gig, move up to an ER-4. If you're playing somewhere in the 400-500Mb range, and don't expect much more than 100Mb IPSEC, and ER-X makes a nice small, power sipping firewall. It's going to suck on OpenVPN speeds because that is still 100% CPU with no offload, this is true of all EdgeRouters, AFAIK. Regards, dtb X19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX18KQ2h1Z2FsdWcg bWFpbGluZyBsaXN0CkNodWdhbHVnQGNodWdhbHVnLm9yZwpodHRwOi8vY2h1Z2FsdWcub3JnL2Nn aS1iaW4vbWFpbG1hbi9saXN0aW5mby9jaHVnYWx1Zwo=

=============================================================== From: Eric Wolf ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks all! I don't actually use POE, it's just what was available at the time. From what I gather, the ER-X isn't really capable of handling a Gig where the ER5POE was. I should just get it straightened out for the time being. -Eric -=--=---=----=----=---=--=-=--=---=----=---=--=-=- Eric B. Wolf 720-334-7734

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ Yeah the "the ER-X isn't really capable of handling a Gig where the ER5POE was" summary is correct. The ER5POE can do gigabit no big deal. I actually just acquired a ER5POE recently after lightning got my edgerouter lite by first hitting my cable modem through the coax and then frying the edgerouter's eth0. That was a fun night.

=============================================================== From: John Dills ------------------------------------------------------ I have an ER-X. I enabled hardware offloading and get gigabit speeds.So... =C2=AF\_(=E3=83=84)_/=C2=AF Don't get me wrong, I'd always recommend the best for what you can afford but - I was cheap. The ER-X is a great router for the price and certainly supports gigabit with hardware offloading. E y =3D-=3D- nd m

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ I love my ER-X. There's no reason I need the gig anyway... my 100mbps connection is perfectly fine. Besides, for internal LAN communication, I have a 1gbps switch. er e m e =3D-=3D- : 'm f

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ Must be a recent-ish development via firmware. So it sounds like, if you have an ER-X and are on older hardware, you need to upgrade your firmware. I don't recall ER-X supporting hardware offload in older versions. You can find the more expensive edgerouter equipment pretty cheap if you know where to look. I got my ER5POE for not much more than a new ER-X. On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 6:14 PM, John Dills wrote= : er e m e =3D-=3D- : 'm f

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ u ions. u I believe hardware off-loading arrived on the ER-X around v1.9.x firmware. What kind of pricing do you see for an ER-4? --dtb X19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX18KQ2h1Z2FsdWcg bWFpbGluZyBsaXN0CkNodWdhbHVnQGNodWdhbHVnLm9yZwpodHRwOi8vY2h1Z2FsdWcub3JnL2Nn aS1iaW4vbWFpbG1hbi9saXN0aW5mby9jaHVnYWx1Zwo=

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ I haven't seen a lot of the ER-4s actually. Skimmed ebay really quick and don't see anything much better than retail, lol.