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OT: Anyone have a variac I could borrow?

2018-05-02 by: Michael Scholten
From: Michael Scholten 
I have a "smart" surge protector that we use in our office and on our
customer's machines that has been giving us some odd issues when the wall
voltage has dropped below ~108v, always at customer locations. I've
attempted to recreate the issue at our office without success. My means was
to plug in half a dozen or so big copiers (since we sell copiers I tend to
have an abundance of spares to play with haha) into one circuit to try and
bring the power down but apparently we have good circuits and I was getting
nervous as I added more devices to the same line.

Knowing half of you, I wondered if anyone may have a variac that I could
borrow so I can drop the power reliably, safely and most importantly,