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OT: FS Panasonic Toughbook CF-52

2018-04-10 by: Aaron welch
From: Aaron welch 
I am selling my Toughbook as I have way too much stuff around here. It is a CF-52 with:

Core i5 2.4Ghz M520
Linux Mint 18.2

Here is the catch, the bios is locked. So if you want to reinstall the OS you need to pull the drive and put it in a carrier. Was not too hard to do the first time as all of the components have standard Linux drivers.  I really want to keep this thing, but I really don’t need it so take it away soon.  $200 takes it and I can upgrade the memory to 8GB for $20 more.

This was sent from my iPhone, so I apologize for any brevity or spelling errors. Siri also hates the southern accent and autocorrect is on a mission to give me an aneurysm.