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OT: Ringgold Telephone (RTC) experiences

2018-03-05 by: mdquerng
From: mdquerng 
Hi all

I have a customer in North Georgia that desperately needs to move from
Comcast Business to something else specifically with symmetric bandwidth. I
was pleased to find that their location in Fort Oglethorpe was serviceable
with Ringgold Telephone. I was also blown away by their business fiber optic
prices. 250Mbps for $110/month and 1Gbps for $250/month.

Since I have had no prior experience with them as an ISP, I was wondering if
someone in the group has had experience with them and wouldn't mind sharing.
I'm interested specifically in their business service with respect to
reliability as well as support quality and responsiveness when needed.


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=============================================================== From: David Rucker ------------------------------------------------------ I have 250mb residential with 1 dynamic IP and 1 static IP at home. I have also had the 250mb business when I had my shop. Their customer service isn't always the most knowledgeable, which is normally true with most ISPs, but I have zero complaints about their service in general. Its always been very reliable, for me anyway. I would definitely recommend them, especially over Com'crap'! I don't actively monitor my connection speeds but I can typically download a full 720p movie in about 3 min over my Wi-Fi and very rarely hit a buffer. Also have no problem streaming out to Twitch or YouTube. If you have any specific questions ill be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. Thanks, David R.

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ I moved to LaFayette, so I'm on Comcast now. But, before I moved I had RTC. RTC is amazing. Residential service, though. Looking to move within a year or so within CTC or RTC service area again. CTC is pretty good too if you're in Chickamauga and in their service area.

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ ng if ring. I have moved two customers from Comcast to RTC, and never looked back. I have averaged an outage once every 2 years on both circuits in question. I can't speak to Tier 1 support, but if you are dealing with a business circuit, you normally have contact with someone at the noc to get your static IP addresses. I hold onto that contact info, personally.= They also offer affordable colo, like half the cost of EPB's rack space, and theirs includes power and Internet, where EPB charges those above and beyond the rack space. Regards, dtb X19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX18KQ2h1Z2FsdWcg bWFpbGluZyBsaXN0CkNodWdhbHVnQGNodWdhbHVnLm9yZwpodHRwOi8vY2h1Z2FsdWcub3JnL2Nn aS1iaW4vbWFpbG1hbi9saXN0aW5mby9jaHVnYWx1Zwo=