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Ubiquity APs and compatible devices

2018-03-05 by: Dan Lyke
From: Dan Lyke 
I've been running these Ubiquiti APs for a while now, got them because
I like the idea of being able to roam between the house and the shop,
but Charlene has been complaining for years that her phone doesn't have
good data connection in the living room (where one of the APs is),

I just bought a WyzeCam. I don't think it's ready for prime time, but
in the process of trying to debug it with their tech support (and a
tool called "RouteThis Helps", which I assume is related to their
cloud layer vendor), they made the assertion based on some diagnostics I
ran on my phone talking to the camera that I was getting 9% packet loss,
both devices in the living room.

A flood ping to my phone is getting 0% packet loss, flood ping to the
device is getting 0% packet loss, but I'm wondering if there's other
weirdness between devices and the Ubiquity APs that a "ping -f"
wouldn't show me,

(Also, the fiber trucks have been on my street and I'm starting to
learn about upgrading my infrastructure for when bandwidth drops...)

=============================================================== From: JustinMcAfee ------------------------------------------------------ If the wife has been complaining for years, and the APs and phone have stayed the same, it's either perceived user bias or the APs are not MIMO (Multi-in, multi-out) compatible, and may just be running slower than she'd want. If you're asking specifically about those devices, then what devices are they specifically? For the AP, have you updated the AP to the latest and greatest? Ran an RF Environment scan w/in the Unifi Controller? And adjusted the Transmit Power? Channel Width? (If not, I'll be glad to advise on any.) Additionally iperf3 is a phenomenal F/OSS client for testing data passthrough across the LAN. I use it for all my clients. It's one command on the "server" side to start listening, and one command on the client side to start the broadcast. I always recommend hard-wiring whichever device is the server to mitigate weird latency between re-broadcasting streaming data within the same LAN. Let me know if this helps, or you have any questions, I like the idea of being able to roam between the house and the shop,