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Setting up a VPS: Question about server resources

2018-03-05 by: Lisa Harrison Ridley
From: Lisa Harrison Ridley 
Sorry that should be VPS, not VPN (tired, been talking too many acronyms =

On =46eb 1, 2018, 9:01 PM -0500, Lisa Harrison Ridley , wrote:
> I=E2=80=99m looking to set up a VPN on either Linode or Digital Ocean. =
=C2=A0I would rate my knowledge level on VPNs as basic.
> Question about resources (assume that bandwidth is not an issue): =C2=A0=
What is more important, CPU cycles or RAM=3F =C2=A0(I would think RAM, bu=
t as I mentioned I=E2=80=99m a novice with regard to VPN configuration an=
d operation).
> Thanks=21