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Drag and Drop File Uploader PoC

2021-11-03 by: meuon

I went nuts trying to understand this and get a working example. I'm not a JavaScript guy, but I wanted to do this without fat libraries and plugins so that I could integrate this with existing systems. It uploads exactly the same basic way as existing code in a system. Just the UI is very different.

Credit goes to Mozilla for good documentation like: HTML Drag and Drop API

Drag and Drop Javascript PoC / draganddroppoc.html is the working HTML page, except that files don't actually upload (no target in.php on the server). On purpose. I don't want your files.

The raw code: My Drag And Drop File Uploader in Minimal JavaScript - This is a starting point. It needs sanity checks, authentication and input detainting. As I turn this into what will be a small part of ring-u.com upgraded fax services, all of that will get added.