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Nov-29 OT: Jeff Kell
Nov-27 Help with Python programming assignment
Nov-26 New Raspberry Pi computer
Nov-26 Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov-24 Anyone of you guys ever use Asciidoc and the subsequent tools?
Nov-24 Surveillance camera solutions
Nov-23 Headless VM Server
Nov-23 XVFB - Virtual Frame Buffer
Nov-20 Automating Updates
Nov-18 Lower power FM radio in Chatt?
Nov-18 If you're a both a WordPress and Bob Dylan fan
Nov-13  Tor Map
Nov-13 Tor Map
Nov-13 Deep Dark Web....
Nov-13 ChaDevOps - Tuesday Night
Nov-10 OT: Site to site IPSEC VPN speed question
Nov-06 Uptime Funk
Nov-06 Recycling an Android Tablet as Doorbell?
Nov-01 Annoyed with TP-Link
Nov-01 Ubiquiti products for a point-to-point bridge
Oct-31 Stack Overflow Question
Oct-30 3rd Anual Drupal Camp Chattanooga
Oct-29 Website's Outbound Email in Spam
Oct-29 Pryvate app
Oct-28 Need (Used?) Server Grade pfSense Hardware
Oct-28 Marketing Scheme
Oct-27 Linksys and the GPL
Oct-27 OT: nexus 5 can see a 802.11s mesh (project fi)
Oct-26 Computers & Accessories for Sale
Oct-22 HTTP is so last decade!
Oct-22 SIP architect position
Oct-21 OT: Chattanooga Hamfest
Oct-20 OT: Adam Savage demos a robot spider
Oct-19 MongoDB for DevOps
Oct-17 Free (That old 32bit Rackable Server)
Oct-16 For Sale - Late 2011 Macbook Pro 15" 2.2GHz 8GB RAM - Brand New Logic Board
Oct-16 Public Key Server
Oct-16 Red Hat to acquire Ansible
Oct-16 EPB Gigabit
Oct-16 Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 released
Oct-16 Coopting an event... CoLab at 5:30 tonight
Oct-15 EPB introduces CGNAT on Residential Circuits
Oct-15 EPB Announcement (Conference, 2PM)
Oct-15 New guy introduction.
Oct-15 Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter ERPOE-5
Oct-15 Fall SwapMeet Time!
Oct-14 Extend WiFi to wired
Oct-14 Need help? I need extra work...
Oct-13 Pepsi smartphone launching in China
Oct-13 OT: 3D printing advice
Oct-13 OpenWRT on anything
Oct-12 OT: Dell to buy EMC
Oct-11 OpenWRT on WRT1900ACv2
Oct-11 Oh my GAWD, what have I done!!! (ZenFone 2)
Oct-10 The PhreakNIC19 Conference
Oct-10 Java TTY Football game
Oct-09 HELP! Ubiquity Unifi...
Oct-09 OT: Arduino users
Oct-08 Ubiquiti Networks and their gear
Oct-08 OT:Estate Sale Home on Chickamauga Lake
Oct-08 Bash Scripting Question
Oct-07 Friendly hackers break into a utility and make a point
Oct-06 gimme some... sugar
Oct-06 Chattanooga ISSA After Hours Event
Oct-06 SugarCRM (was Fw: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
Oct-06 Nice laser printer - Linux compatible -- for shipped
Oct-05 Linux Instructor
Oct-04 basic java question
Oct-04 [OT] [For Sale] 22" Acer LCD
Oct-03  [OT] [For Sale] 22" Acer LCD
Oct-01 Bandwidth speedtest for Gigabit Internet
Sep-30 New book - Git for Teams
Sep-30 Topeka public library now has their gig internet installed
Sep-26  Android Tablets?
Sep-26 Android Tablets?
Sep-26 (Shameless Self Promotion) - Yard Sale Next Weekend
Sep-25 EPB rocks and a Pro-Tip
Sep-24 Favorite Android anti-malware app
Sep-24 Neat internet trick
Sep-23 Let's Encrypt
Sep-20 FWD: CQ HAMS- Second call for HTML form writers, help needed
Sep-20 FOSS Tools for IT Departments
Sep-19 Java gurus
Sep-19 Microsoft Linux
Sep-19 Maker Faire After Party Invite.
Sep-18 Need Power cables (and specifically for Cisco 2950)
Sep-17 Found an interesting android phone
Sep-17 Forcing config after package intall
Sep-16 STEM School Chattanooga robotics team
Sep-16 Dress code for robots tweet
Sep-15 Teen maker lab opening at Memphis Central Public library
Sep-15 An article on Open Digital Camera project
Sep-15 Another Red Hatter on the LUG....ME!!!
Sep-14 Nexus Device
Sep-13 iPhone 5s For Sale
Sep-12 Fiber SPs
Sep-11 IPv6 EPB
Sep-11 Linux Shareit client?
Sep-11 IPv6 EPB from EPB