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Aug-01 Saw this news article about chattanooga on reddit tonight
Jul-29 Gigabit coming to Nashville (via AT&T)
Jul-29 Open Chattanooga Civic Hack Night - Trails!
Jul-25 Upgrading from Linux Mint 14 to 17
Jul-25 Looking for contractor Technicians
Jul-24 Just Testing
Jul-24 Fwd: Just Testing
Jul-24 A question 4 red hatters and one 4 the rest
Jul-24 Chattanooga library 4th floor in the WSJ today
Jul-23 Coffee Country Recycling Industrial
Jul-22 pfSense in Birmingham
Jul-20 Extending Chromebook use after cracked screens happen
Jul-20 Ironic
Jul-20 Somewhat OT: Chattanooga Salaries?
Jul-20 OT: Cheap Wireless Router
Jul-19 Network 44 might be part of the internet @ moment
Jul-19 Intel NUC For Sale
Jul-19 Pre-Deployment Chugalunch
Jul-18 [OT] Cable Trays
Jul-18 OT: Job in Knoxville
Jul-18 Question on runlevel philosophy across distros
Jul-17 Didn't want EPB anyway
Jul-16 Comcast won't take no for an answer
Jul-16 Logic Parser
Jul-15 So how does the Banna Pi stack up?
Jul-15 Paypal API (IPN) Consulting Opportunity
Jul-15 mini Snow leopard server question
Jul-14 Open source computer refurbishers in Athens, GA
Jul-11 Thin Laptops (tablet convertibles) that work well w/ Linux
Jul-10 Speaking of Cloud Radio Adam,
Jul-10 New blog post - "Open storytelling to boost literacy"
Jul-10 PHP job in Nashville area
Jul-10 Oh boy... We *ARE* criminals!!!
Jul-09 Fwd: Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?
Jul-09 Causeway offering grants for a more connected Chattanooga
Jul-09 Uber coming to Chattanooga
Jul-08 hiring
Jul-07 Learn about OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of maps, at this Tuesday's Maptime on the 4th Floor!
Jul-07 Ubiquiti Layer 3 Switches!
Jul-06 Anyone messed with Z-push -- An Open Source ActiveSync?
Jul-06 So what OS is Sony using on this?
Jul-06 Chugalug Digest, Vol 24, Issue 12
Jul-05 Linux Foundation events
Jul-03 Onionshare and Sokoscreen
Jul-03 Onionshare and Vokoscreen
Jul-03 Who Died and Made Microsoft Internet Police?
Jul-03 Raspberry Pi dominates news stories
Jul-03 concert & fireworks tonight
Jul-02 6-port or 8-port dumb switch?
Jul-02 IRS says free software projects can NOT be nonprofits
Jul-02 Online classified for Chatt (open source)
Jul-01 OpenVPN on pfSense problems
Jul-01 Need someone for Contract work
Jul-01 Alright, I should have learned LaTex years ago!
Jul-01 Newegg now accepting...
Jun-30 JitsiChat open source video chat
Jun-29 OpenSim - free virtual reality software
Jun-29 Outside the Lines -- public library event coming up in Sept, 2014
Jun-29 raspberry pi & Dstar
Jun-27 EPB Device pushing bad DNS settings?
Jun-27 OT: need a favor re: old mac
Jun-27 Automatic Link Establishment on HF with Linux & OSX?
Jun-27 Is apple walking away from High End Video editing?
Jun-27 This is a good time to talk up the Chatt Mini Maker Faire
Jun-26 So is Digital Voice legal in the Data subband
Jun-26 mostly OT: mac mouse project progress (for anyone who cares)
Jun-25 Iraqis turn to wireless mesh
Jun-25 Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) emissions in the Amateur Service
Jun-25 SDR:Interviews with Bruce Perens and Michael Ossman
Jun-25 Bruce Perens Discusses Codec2 Digital Voice
Jun-24 "The open source revolution is coming" - The Guardian newspaper (United Kingdom)
Jun-23 Open Mapping Time @ Maptime on the 4th Floor this Tuesday!
Jun-21 Keybase Invites
Jun-21 Useless and meaningless rant about my hate for Linux Mint...
Jun-20 LDAP PHP libraries on Linux connecting to AD on Win2008r2
Jun-20 Nexus 5 update
Jun-19 Home Automation and more
Jun-19 Display fast forward
Jun-19 External Storage
Jun-19 OT: job in Knoxville to be posted soon
Jun-19 learned a lot in 24 hours
Jun-19 How many of you use PoE in the house?
Jun-18  [Crypto] Invites
Jun-18 [Crypto] Invites
Jun-18 Chattanooga maker faire Oct 11
Jun-18 National Day of Making - presidential proclamation
Jun-18 Docker Breakout PoC
Jun-18 Screen Studio for Linux - very favorable screencast review
Jun-18  [OT] Android Tablets to Get Rid of?
Jun-18 [OT] Android Tablets to Get Rid of?
Jun-18 Book - The Art of Tinkering (in the Chattanooga library)
Jun-16 Fried Thunderbolt monitor
Jun-16 Phone Death
Jun-16 Am the only one who thinks SW widgets are stuck in the 90's
Jun-14 Web developer at Huntsville public library loves Inkscape
Jun-14 Bit coin and their grubby little hands
Jun-14 Which file system is better @ preventing bitrot?
Jun-14 do you happen to know a Ruby on Rails programmer who needs a job?
Jun-14 comments on cisco siding against net neutrality?
Jun-14 The Nightmare on Connected Home Street