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Feb-28 Asterisk: Sangoma aquires Scmooze, FreePBX and RockBochs
Feb-28 Small business attorney?
Feb-27 HTTP Server Architecture
Feb-27 Free Software Photo Galleries
Feb-27 OT: Need pocket-able camera suggestions
Feb-26  Kernel: PWNED
Feb-26 A cautionary tale
Feb-26 Kernel: PWNED
Feb-26 Bruce Perens : 50mhz -1000mhz SDR transceiver
Feb-26 FCC approves EPB petition for broadband expansion
Feb-26  Bad Routes to two sites?
Feb-26 Bad Routes to two sites?
Feb-26 Net Neutrality just passed!
Feb-26 Sr. Director for eCommerce
Feb-25 ascii terminal
Feb-24 BackInTime?
Feb-24 Raspberry Pi LTSP - this looks delightful
Feb-24 Small job
Feb-24 SMBget Question
Feb-24 Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81
Feb-23 EPB IPv6
Feb-23 OT: Job Posting
Feb-23 EPB Business class service and static IP's
Feb-22 OT: Gear review Dell Precision Server/workstations
Feb-21 Bodhi 3.0 and an HP Envy
Feb-21 [OT] Vape supplies
Feb-21 Bodhi eepDater fixed my BCM43142
Feb-20 Bodhi 3 Ships/ more on the crunchbang front
Feb-19 Raspberry Pi 2 in stock?
Feb-19 Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 67
Feb-19 Lenovo ships with malware
Feb-18 OT - recovering corrupted .xls and .docx files
Feb-18 WSJ has a very favorable review of the Raspberry Pi 2
Feb-18 IFixit launches Android Repair Hub
Feb-18 cleaning house before a move
Feb-16 Poll - Impact of a switch to systemd for Debian Users
Feb-16 How to record Skype calls in Ubuntu Linux
Feb-16 is heading towards a million page views per month
Feb-16 Linux homebrew tap-list
Feb-14 Chattanooga / GIG City Mentioned on TWiT
Feb-14 2-in-one laptop / tablet and *nix
Feb-14 GSA CIO: Private clouds aren't really 'cloud'
Feb-13 Home Consultant
Feb-13 Smart routers, or: Who/what is stealing my bandwidth?
Feb-13 Alright let's see windows CMD do this
Feb-13 EPB and Home Servers...
Feb-12 Somewhat OT: Upcoming ISSA Chattanooga chapter quarterly meeting
Feb-10 Web Interfaceed Chat Server?
Feb-10 MS-Biztalk w/Linux?
Feb-10 ARM arch servers
Feb-10 Got a call....
Feb-10 New blog post - "Cities need to be able to earn digital badges"
Feb-10 Java REST API Implementation Needed
Feb-10 So how do y'all verify your speeds
Feb-09 =?utf-8?q?How_PAPER_Magazine=E2=80=99s_web_engineers_s?= =?utf-8?q?caled_their_back-end_for_Kim_Kardashian?=
Feb-09 =?windows-1252?q?How_PAPER_Magazine=92s_web_engineers_?= =?windows-1252?q?scaled_their_back-end_for_Kim_Kardashian?=
Feb-09 pfSense hardware for sale
Feb-09 yet another accomplishment
Feb-08 strange issue with bridge device
Feb-08 Yodlee API
Feb-08 OT: Job Opportunity: American Poolplayers Association
Feb-07 next week:Ubuntu Phone in test sales over in Europe
Feb-07 Anyone found Raspberry Pi 2 yet?
Feb-07 Disabling IRQ #16
Feb-07 Navy destroyer
Feb-07 Some articles on state of infosec in the healthcare industry.
Feb-07 OT: Geek Bag with integrated gear charger
Feb-06 a rather humbling experience
Feb-06 Seeing Networks in New York City
Feb-06 Head of Crunchbang calling it quits.
Feb-05 OT- Client Needs physical recovery off of dead hard drive
Feb-05 OT: Kegerator for sale
Feb-05 OT Local News: Grocery Bar Closing Saturday
Feb-05 Anyone hiring?
Feb-05 Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 6
Feb-03 Smart Pro Trip Lite UPS
Feb-03 Build a cluster using Ubuntu and MAAS.
Feb-03 Published resume and materials on GitHub
Feb-02 Has anyone heard of tekopinc?
Feb-02 Raspberry Pi 2 - Now with Windows 10!
Jan-31 Corei5 laptop for 9 -- mmm, mmm, Linux
Jan-30 Odin for Galaxy S3 (and eventually, for S5)
Jan-30 OT: Hackintosh for sale 0
Jan-29 VPN on EPB Network
Jan-29 ap's for the masses
Jan-29 Commercial Desktop PCs as linux boxes
Jan-28 Details on Hackintosh
Jan-28 GLIBC Vuln GHOST Vulnerability # CVE-2015-0235
Jan-28 Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham
Jan-27  [Hardware] E-ink Monitor
Jan-27 [Hardware] E-ink Monitor
Jan-26 OT? chattacon
Jan-26 OT? chattacon
Jan-26 GUI development: Qt, GTK, XUL
Jan-26 McDell Hackintosh>>> Quad Core/16gb/500GB SSD 7
Jan-26 Hackintosh
Jan-23 Tech Recruiters
Jan-22 How to make an array of consumer disks
Jan-22 A cool CHEAP Hardware hack!!!