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Sep-30 Apple releases patch for OSX version of Bash to address ShellShock
Sep-30 Process accounting
Sep-30 Chugalunch Reminder
Sep-29 List test and Chugalunch?
Sep-29 Shellshock
Sep-29 Newbie Android question
Sep-29 OT: looking for server hardware
Sep-29 Chugalunch - Tuesday
Sep-28 Anyone have a spare samsung chrome power supply?
Sep-27 Running apps and heart rate monitors for Android
Sep-26 Tape Vaulting Services In Chattanooga
Sep-26 Open sourcing the Western & Atlantic Railroad
Sep-26 Looking for tech Data recovery
Sep-26 Any tips on improving OSX performance on SMB and CIFS shares?
Sep-26 Fwd: Great UNIX Admin/Architect Opportunity in Atlanta, GA
Sep-25 looking for linux ovpn client suggestions
Sep-25 ArchLinux vs Ubuntu
Sep-24 IBM eServer x345 PSU
Sep-24 Bash security vulnerability
Sep-24 need a rescue disk w/ddrescue & netcat/or ssh
Sep-23 Utility to select fastest Debian repositories
Sep-23 Bodhi Linux is NOT Dead - It is just Changing Hands
Sep-22 Mod_rewrite help
Sep-21 The new Samsung 4K video camera (NX1)
Sep-21 A friend of mine has this HP Chromebook - it's a nice one
Sep-19 Start Up Week
Sep-19 Build/Hire Team
Sep-16 Jeff Hoogland Leaves Bodhi
Sep-16 File and Folder permissions
Sep-15 Vokoscreen screencasting software for Linux -- big thumbs up
Sep-15 Network topology/building a router
Sep-14 Bandwidth & Good Food, where do you have working lunches?
Sep-12 Auto-backups on Mac based on Wireless connection
Sep-12 Editors for a Drupal site
Sep-11 Yet another reason to hate Comcast.
Sep-11 Chattanooga Developer Lunch Today
Sep-10 Adecco looking for a Linux Based Infrastructure Engineer.
Sep-10 The trouble with the USPTO
Sep-09 USB Keyboard & Mouse support on Dell Server
Sep-09 Happening Now: Mozilla NetNeutrality AMA
Sep-09 FW: Infrastructure Engineer (Linux) - TVA
Sep-09 Infrastructure Engineer (Linux) - TVA
Sep-08 security conference tomorrow?
Sep-07 OT: LG G2 update
Sep-05 Internet Slowdown day Sept 10th
Sep-05 Linux on Windows 8 laptops
Sep-05 Anyone tried these HP Gig switches?
Sep-05 IP Law
Sep-04 To use nagios or not to use nagios, that is the question.
Sep-04 Chugalunch in Boulder?
Sep-03 Using Open Source in Broadcast Radio
Sep-03 Protecting password files (was: Name Cheap under attack)
Sep-03 Protecting password files
Sep-03 Anyone heard of this botnet expoit for linux?
Sep-03 Anyone used conky as a system monitor for remote systems?
Sep-02 Name Cheap under attack
Sep-02 Difference between EPBfi Residential & Commercial
Sep-01 Kinograph: Open Source & 3D printing to save film
Aug-29 Spam Filtering, Take 2
Aug-29 =?utf-8?q?FW=3A_=F0=9F=92=BC_Great_DevOps/AWS_Engineer?= =?utf-8?q?_-_Ruby=2C_Linux=2C_AWS_Opportunity_in_Atlanta=2C_GA?
Aug-28 NixOS
Aug-28 Netflix open sources internal threat monitoring tools
Aug-28 Storage for VMs
Aug-27 Dragoncon
Aug-27 Stoked about new Dropbox Pro features
Aug-27 Forums
Aug-26 Choose your side on the Linux divide
Aug-26 OT: all VERIZON LTE phones unlocked
Aug-26  Anyone Going to PhreakNIC in Nashville?
Aug-26 Anyone Going to PhreakNIC in Nashville?
Aug-26 Fwd: [PhreakNIC] CTF
Aug-26 OT: Server for sale
Aug-25 Open Chattanooga Civic Hack Night This Wednesday @ 5:30 on the 4th Floor of Chattanooga Public Library!
Aug-25 Vmworld
Aug-25 Email bounce back Help
Aug-24 Linux file server for iDevices?
Aug-23 Calibre 2.0 ebook reader gets rave review
Aug-22 Open Source Contact List Management
Aug-21 OT - Chattanooga Spiceworks Meetup
Aug-20 OT: Heads up about intel wireless card
Aug-20 Happy Birthday Adam J.
Aug-20 what nix programs still use meta or hyper keys?
Aug-19 OT:BEST Android phone yet... LG G2 VS980 Verizon
Aug-19 Any used these Powershell solutions to manage a nix box?
Aug-19 Spam filtering w/ Postfix + Amavisd-new
Aug-19 AFP vs SMB2, tech merits?
Aug-17 Hardware donations for library
Aug-16 Fast laptops are getting real cheap these days
Aug-15 MCA DataCenter
Aug-15 Video Streaming advice?
Aug-15 The Web We Lost & Its Original Sin
Aug-15 ios remote support was lunch downtown today?
Aug-15 Is blocking traffic from Tor nodes?
Aug-14 lunch downtown today?
Aug-14 ios remote support was lunch downtown today?
Aug-14 WTB BTC
Aug-13 Routing Table BGB Mess
Aug-13 Somewhat OT: ISSA meeting coming up
Aug-12  [Semi-OT] Mapbox GL JS - Vector Maps
Aug-12 Anyone try Guacamole? ----- the Remote client, not the dish