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Jun-22 Fiber termination
Jun-22 Mikrotik Routers
Jun-22 [OT] BattleBots is Thursday June 23rd. See me on national TV!
Jun-20 [OT] Geothermal HVAC
Jun-16 Partitioning Utility for Windows Server 2012
Jun-16 OT: Network Admin Job
Jun-13 Bash on Windows?
Jun-10 OT: Coding modes
Jun-10 Patch panel vs direct connection
Jun-02 Patreon is now being used by more open source advocates
Jun-02 (OT) Getting back on the band wagon
Jun-02 Which BSD?
Jun-01 Self hosting vs paid service
Jun-01 Asterisk Admin
Jun-01 Figuring out which USB CD drives work with Linux
May-30 libre music production
May-30 Kaspersky for Mail Server Antivirus
May-29 OT - TempleOS
May-27 OT: Thanks FOSS
May-27 Thanks FOSS
May-27 Distribution experienced opinions
May-26 Fwd: Sad news - the passing of John Mullinix
May-26 Real-time audio munging, perhaps in Python?
May-26 Sad news - the passing of John Mullinix
May-26 US Military Uses 8-Inch Floppy Disks To Coordinate Nuclear Force Operations
May-25 OT: Chattanooga Whiskey
May-25 The heck is up with Ubuntu and package stuff
May-24 virtio and pfsense
May-21 Android's seamless update
May-21 Red Hat Developer Subscription - free for all!
May-20 OT - Geeky coworking space
May-20 Anyone at BSides Knoxville?
May-19 Netflix introduces a super simple download speed test
May-17 If you use Symantec, update it now.
May-16 [OT] Ubiquiti Virus
May-13 Chugalunch, Today, Watrehouse Pavilion 12:30 to ??
May-13 Odoo
May-11 OT: TPP mandates enforcement of Non-competes
May-11 I'm thirsty. . .
May-11 I'm thirsty....
May-09 OT: FS Ubiquity POE edge router ERPoe-5
May-09 Thanks Unkmar
May-09 [OT] i7 laptop CPU
May-02 Minecraft Server
May-01 Chattanooga cybersecurity job opportunities
Apr-30 Off Topic - Properties for rent?
Apr-30 OT: Looking to relocate to Florida
Apr-29 Music player that logs plays or can display notes
Apr-29 Tor users targetted in Scotus rule change
Apr-28 Thanks to All!
Apr-28 Anybody heard from Ed?
Apr-27 [CHUGALUG] [OT] For Sale: MacBook Pro Retina i7, 8GB, 500Gb SSD Mid-2012
Apr-27 Power cables
Apr-27 Proposed Swap Meet
Apr-25 gentoo chroot on a tesla
Apr-24 WD's Pi Drive
Apr-24 Fire's lit
Apr-21 Well... On the topic of 'Way off topic: Places to LAND'
Apr-20 Ubuntu Xenial
Apr-18 Automation the Run Deck way Chadev/DevOps
Apr-17 Fireside
Apr-17 Way off topic: Places to Fish
Apr-17 4/15/16 Fleischmann votes against net nuetrality
Apr-17 Neat weather programs to use in your terminal
Apr-16 Justin Trudeau explains quantum computing
Apr-15 Docker Question
Apr-15 Dual Wan (Failover) on Ubiquiti USG-Pro
Apr-13 OT: For Sale 2000 Toyota Tundra
Apr-11 Suggestions on a good POE 24 to 48 port switch.
Apr-09 So you miss the features of Opera 12?
Apr-06 Part time Linux Opportunity
Apr-06 OT: Security Analyst Job in Nashville
Apr-05 Fwd: Front-end Web Developer Position (full-time, freelance)
Apr-04 Anyone else noticing slow speeds with EPB lately?
Apr-03 Need to borrow a PCIE GFX card = any one will do
Apr-02 HOW to
Apr-01 Interesting work of fiction
Mar-30  openSUSE Tumbleweed?
Mar-30 openSUSE Tumbleweed?
Mar-30 Linux running on Win 10?
Mar-29 Including oracle Java in your docker container is against Oracle's EULA
Mar-28 Ubuntu tablet now can be preodeed
Mar-28 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP (ER-X-SFP) for sale
Mar-24 Did y'all notice that Ubuntu 1 Server code was opensourced?
Mar-23 Critical Samba patch coming April 12
Mar-23 2016 SouthEast LinuxFest -- Call for speakers closes soon and much MUCH more!
Mar-23 OT: Secure Application Development
Mar-22 Echo-ing Richards Email re; Chadev + DevOps
Mar-21 Public IP Address Weirdness (I'm on EPB)
Mar-21 Comcast monitoring
Mar-20 Chadev DevOps Meeting about Docker on March 22nd 6pm at Edney
Mar-19  Anyone played with Redox?
Mar-17 LibraryBox in Google Summer of Code
Mar-17 Crap! HDMI... :( Update.
Mar-17 For sale: 2 Cisco Catalyst 3560G 24 port switches
Mar-16 We are now on the SouthEast Linux Fest's list of local FLOSS groups
Mar-16 Got this today, if anyone interested: Web Developer
Mar-16 Crap! HDMI... :( Help!
Mar-14 Nerdy Post: LD_PRELOAD and a Shell to C program
Mar-14 History of chia (WAS: Chattanooga Internet Consortium)