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Dec-19 ChugaLunch at Mexiville
Dec-19 So what is the verdict on the Mozilla Developer Edition?
Dec-19 Drupal 8 forces a rewrite of their e-commerce module
Dec-17 How do I block (iptables) traffic on a #$%@ING bridge (br0)
Dec-16 [ANN] CityCampCHA January 8th-9th
Dec-16 [OT] Job Posting
Dec-15 krause
Dec-15 Don't believe the hype: Sony hack not 'unprecedented, ' experts say
Dec-15 Archbang on P3's & 4's? Should I even try?
Dec-14  Swap Meet
Dec-13 Swap Meet
Dec-13 Packed and ready
Dec-12 AIX box questions
Dec-12 Nonprofit needs a desktop
Dec-11 Any technical articles on the Sony hack?
Dec-10 Where is the swap meet?
Dec-10 =?utf-8?q?OT=3A_Swap_Meet?=
Dec-10 Swap Meet Details
Dec-10  [OT] Oscilloscope Mushrooms
Dec-10 Great quote some of you may have seen on Twitter
Dec-10 [OT] Oscilloscope Mushrooms
Dec-09 Fwd: [Dc404-Chat] OT, know any Android dev that wants a quick buck?
Dec-09 OT: WISP Start Up pricing
Dec-08 CAT5e and Insulated walls
Dec-08 OT: Need a Picture Restored
Dec-08 Photo Doctor
Dec-08 OT: Swap Meet
Dec-07 OT: FS Nikon D5200
Dec-07 OT anyone interested in buying my Glass?
Dec-05  Linux @ 23 of 85 top Disruptive Ideas since 1929
Dec-05 Linux @ 23 of 85 top Disruptive Ideas since 1929
Dec-05 Interested in Software Defined Radio? Come to the 4th Floor of the library tomorrow at 5:00pm.
Dec-05 Oak Ridge to have the fastest supercomputer again (maybe)
Dec-04 PCEngines APU1D4 for sale... Perfect pfSense box!
Dec-04 Fontana Regional Library - in North Carolina
Dec-03  Chattanooga Map T-Shirt
Dec-03 Chattanooga Map T-Shirt
Dec-03 Need an old PC. . .
Dec-02 dimes review
Dec-02 God damn it Ted Cruz.
Dec-01 Throw Linux onto this Intel iMac
Nov-30 Invent to Learn book free on Monday (Kindle format)
Nov-30 Linux in... The Simpson's?
Nov-30 Any suggestions for a good 802.11ac Access point?
Nov-29 Kickstarter project - 9V battery can be used to recharge your Android phone
Nov-29 Linux Desktop Environments
Nov-28 Debian forked
Nov-27 [OT] Bitcoin News
Nov-27 More than one way to do things!
Nov-26 Thinkpad 430 and Optimus
Nov-26 Dunedin, New Zealand, is named first gigatown in NZ
Nov-25 Lubuntu - Nice and Light
Nov-24 OT - Hardware Distributors
Nov-21  WinBook Tablet [could it Linux? to make it on topic]
Nov-20 Ian Jackson resigns from technical committee
Nov-19 Need some (networking, mostly) equipment
Nov-19 Lot of books
Nov-19  Backing up Digital Photos Beside Analog?
Nov-19 Backing up Digital Photos Beside Analog?
Nov-19 Next ISSA meeting is Dec2
Nov-17 funny : hughes net is now available in Chattanooga?
Nov-15 Anyone know if this site is legit?
Nov-15 Facebook building Datacenters with new topology
Nov-14 Is google being crappy again?
Nov-13 funny:DEF CON 22 - Weaponizing Your Pets - Gene Bransfield
Nov-12 Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform
Nov-11 Systemd: Harbinger of the Linux apocalypse
Nov-11 Groupon is violating the trademark of the GNOME Foundation. Please help fight it.
Nov-10 Maptime This Thursday @ 4:00pm
Nov-10 Obama urges FCC to strengthen Net Nuetrality
Nov-10 Front-end developer position
Nov-06 LibraryBox on Slashdot
Nov-06 Some Linux news from a little country named China
Nov-06 Mysql Rapid Loading
Nov-06 RedHat Training
Nov-06 OT -- Job Hunting
Nov-04 Tom Magliozzi (1/2 of Car Talk) has died
Nov-04 on topic: ring my bell
Nov-03 serious hadoop talk 11/13/2014:Society of Work
Nov-03 Wired magazine - Can open source help solve unemployment
Oct-31 a memory carved in stone
Oct-30 [OT] CurrentC
Oct-29 Location codes for places without addresses
Oct-28 Salting my scripts with PV
Oct-28 Linux question for Hams?
Oct-28 OT, trying to help a Local with a machine
Oct-28 OT:Ham Meeting about Digital Voice Tonight @ 6
Oct-28 fwd: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app
Oct-28 fwd: [PhreakNIC] GPG Keysigning at PhreakNIC (At the CryptoParty Perhaps)
Oct-27 Security & POS issue: Why has CVS and Riteaid disabled Apple PAY?
Oct-27  GNU Parallel (New favorite GNU tool)
Oct-27 GNU Parallel (New favorite GNU tool)
Oct-27 Read-only filesystem
Oct-26 Nonprofit youth organizations in Chatt?
Oct-26 How does Ubuntu 14.10 cloud offerings stack?
Oct-24 Power to the People
Oct-24 Anybody using Salt?
Oct-22 Game Developers / Game Shops in Chattanooga
Oct-22 git-crypt
Oct-22 EPBfi already outside of city?