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Jun-29 About to graduate
Jun-29 txt parse challenge (already awarded trophy to Dan)
Jun-29 News item - "House gets green light for open source"
Jun-29 Leap Second Party.. Postponed
Jun-27 CQD all linux and OSX hams- RE: Winlink
Jun-24 Fwd: Google to Build 0 Million Data Center in Jackson County, Alabama
Jun-21 Anyone played with ARGoS(robot Swarm simulator)
Jun-21 Mail Server Admins: What RBLs do you use?
Jun-20 CM/linux port
Jun-18 pfSense on SSD & SSD Reliability
Jun-18 Chugalug at Terminal 5pm tonight (Thursday the 18th)
Jun-18 Networking at Clydes
Jun-17 Chugabeer / Chugadinner Thurs Jun 16
Jun-16 OS differences for gpsd timezone offset?
Jun-15 looking for mesh dns tutorial
Jun-14 OT: County looking for MS-sql licenses
Jun-14 WTB home server
Jun-12 Off Topic: Star Trek Opera
Jun-09 Anyone going to Huntsville anytime soon?
Jun-07 Anyone have a how-to for Cisco LACP (802.3ad) setup?
Jun-06 GPS time signal fallback 60khz - on topic response
Jun-06 Biomation Logic Analyzer
Jun-06 Seagate issues!
Jun-05 GPS time signal fallback 60khz
Jun-05 Anyone wanna work for FAcebook?
Jun-05 Internship/Job
Jun-04 Disney Making Laid-Off US Tech Workers Train Foreign H1-B Replacements
Jun-03  MS's PowerShell to support SSH
Jun-03 MS's PowerShell to support SSH
Jun-01 systemd: Damn silly
Jun-01  [OT] Ham
Jun-01 OT: Knoxville Hamfest - June 13
May-30  [OT] New 3D Modelling Software from graphs
May-30 [OT] New 3D Modelling Software from graphs
May-28 19" Rack Cabinet?
May-27 Anyone know what these EPB IP addresses are? they are hitting one of our locations hard
May-26 New Home Server
May-25 Soliciting Recommendations for home office router
May-25 32-bit server for sale
May-24 SOS NEED WIN 7 Disk and License
May-21  Notepad Tricks for fun and annoyance
May-21 Dell PA-13 Power brick
May-19 pfSense and the Gig
May-19 Recycling old electronics & cables
May-18 Linux+ Certification study guide fail
May-16 Ubuntu Server Spin
May-15 Fwd: Woot Daily Digest
May-15 Fwd: Linux System Admin (telephony/call center environment) // Direct Telecom Client // Alpharetta, GA
May-15 Google (and others?) marking my email as spam
May-14 HIPAA
May-14 Ubiquiti gear
May-13 In case you haven't met Jason Griffey yet
May-11 Knox Makers
May-10 OT: Graphics Design Jobs
May-08  computer exceeds funding goals
May-06 slow network watching on a Mac
May-06 DIY Web Proxie: Which scripts do you like
May-06 Announcing the Birth of Hurd
May-04 Nexus 5 signal drop
May-01 LFTP and SFTP question
May-01  Net Neutrality + Competition = Fast Internet?
May-01 Net Neutrality + Competition = Fast Internet?
Apr-28 List Activity
Apr-27 News article - "How rural schools in Alabama paid for home Internet"
Apr-23 OT: (but about beer, so maybe on topic) 3rd Anniversary Party
Apr-20 Fwd: Chuga-get-together
Apr-20 A good find --> Sub- 802.11n USB WiFi Adapter That's Linux Friendly
Apr-19 Chuga-get-together
Apr-17 Gb Wireless question....
Apr-14 OT - Nearby HIPPA compliant data centers
Apr-13  [Free] [OT] ~400 ft Cat5e
Apr-13 [Free] [OT] ~400 ft Cat5e
Apr-13 Remote hand in Nashville
Apr-13 Arduino/Raspi Relay board
Apr-11  BitTorrent Sync
Apr-11 BitTorrent Sync
Apr-10 President will be late
Apr-09 Quick'n dirty PHP form. How?
Apr-09 Usurping the throne
Apr-08 Is Ubiquity violating the GPL?
Apr-07 Ubiquity UniFi AP
Apr-07 OT LAMP Developers
Apr-07 OT maybe: advice wanted on particular Android phones.
Apr-06 OT - Job - Burying outdoor cable run
Apr-05 salix fonts issue
Apr-03 [OT] Outernet
Apr-03 OT: New favorite toy!
Apr-03 Another indication that M$ is Changing (Windows -> OSS?)
Apr-02 Deep Web Showing tonight @ FilmFest
Apr-02 Too Quiet
Apr-01 packet loss, speed comparison
Mar-31 Acceptable percentage of packet loss?
Mar-31 Triple your internet speed. . ..
Mar-31 Evidence links China to Github attack
Mar-30 Linux has spoiled me
Mar-27 Laptops with known Linux support
Mar-25 Tales of an early morning adventure
Mar-23 West Side
Mar-22 BEST Cellular deal, period. Not Republic Wireless, REAL cellular.
Mar-21 Acer's new Core i5 Chromebook