Salting my scripts with PV

From: Rod-Lists 
I've discovered pv (Pipe Viewer) a few weeks ago. Have begun salting my scripts with it and trying various options.
It is in Debian or at least Ubuntu repos.
This plus the -P or --progress flag on rsync make life a lot less mysterious in the shell.

How does Ubuntu 14.10 cloud offerings stack?

From: Rod-Lists 
The Cloud is not my forte. But I was wondering with the inclusions of Bcache, LXC, Cloud foundry, Elastiserach,hive, and a host of analytic options, what some of y'all thought?

Intel NUC

From: Lisa Ridley 
Anyone here have any hands on experience with these little computers?  I'm looking for an addition to my office for the following:

1.  Persistent Jenkins Server to manage auto deployments and automated testing on a variety of virtual servers (Debian 7, Jenkins, using 2G RAM)
2.  Test Servers for client projects (managed by the Jenkins Server) -- VirtualBox servers managed using Jenkins and Vagrant, running Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS, using 2-4G RAM, configured as a LAMP stack with MySQL and/or MongoDB, running applications written in Symfony2 / Laravel / Drupal.  These servers will be short-lived, and will be used for development, staging and test units, so they will be spun up and down as needed, and will have a lifespan running anywhere from 2 to 6 months.  There will be anywhere from 2 to 6 of these running on one physical unit at any point in time.

The reviews I've read are generally positive, and I like the small footprint and low power consumption.  Looking specifically at one of these units (most likely the 2nd one), configured with 16G RAM, WiFi/BlueTooth and a 120G mSata SSD.

Thoughts?  Experiences?

Lisa Ridley

Android command-line

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
Hash: SHA512

I recently got a new smart phone running CyanogenMod 11 with the
F-Droid repository that I have been playing with. I wonder if anybody
here has played much with doing things from the command line under
Android. Does anyone have suggestions for things like taking pictures
from the camera or getting GPS coordinates from the command line? Has
anyone tried installing a Linux distro like Debian in a chroot on
their Android device? Also, has anyone played with Firefox OS or
Ubuntu Touch, or have any idea how they compare from a hackability
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Flash & Linux

From: David White 
Must 99% of the non-YouTube video media on the internet operate on flash,
AND must Adobe no longer support Linux?

Now that I'm fully switched over to Ubuntu as my primary OS, this is
driving me insane! Yes, I have a Windows VM and can watch things if I
really wanted to, but this is driving me insane.

David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Organizations Worldwide

HP announces $99 dollar winders Tablet

From: Rod-Lists 
supposedly free 4g

Wonder how ubuntu's tablet os will run on it?

ArchLinux vs Ubuntu

From: Dan Lyke 
I have an old netbook with a new SSD. Yesterday I put Xubuntu on it,
but I'm wondering about things that do a better job of keeping Gnome
off my system, or otherwise being lighter weight than Xubuntu.

My one requirement is that I'd like to run Mixxx (which Arch supports)
or something similar (ie: music playing with easy tempo shifting,
queuing, and a few set points) on this machine. I'm noticing that a
couple of the cool kids these days are running ArchLinux, mostly on
semi-embedded systems.

Anyone got thoughts on this matter?


looking for linux ovpn client suggestions

From: Rod-Lists 
Ok guys imaging a laptop as I write this.  Once files are archive it will be a freash linux install.
Here is your chance to turn a wayward soul away from ubuntu. But I need a rocksolid ovpn client.
I'm considering crunchbang (debian based) so fire away.


Utility to select fastest Debian repositories

From: Rod-Lists 
I hear it works in Ubuntu too.

Vokoscreen screencasting software for Linux -- big thumbs up

From: Phil Shapiro 
I used Vokoscreen earlier today for a blog post I'm writing for MAKE magazine. It works like a charm. 

See my screencast video at

Upgrading from Linux Mint 14 to 17

From: James Nylen 
Ubuntu Quantal ended support recently, so its package repositories went
away. I=E2=80=99m running Linux Mint 14 which is based on Quantal, so now I=
 need to

If I use apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade to Linux Mint 17, what are the
chances of it working? What kind of breakage will I see, if any?

Just Testing

From: Mike Harrison 

On Jul 24, 2014, at 2:46 PM, Alex Smith (K4RNT)  wrote:

> I think he was trying to invoke Godwin's Law, ending any conversation before they started. ;)

Alex Got It!  

I was also testing the categorization filter on the website. 


Some of those are keywords. 

Question on runlevel philosophy across distros

From: Rod-Lists 
If I may interupt todays Tn. vs. Ala. arguement, I've noticed different distros use different runlevel philosophies.
I was wondering if the Debian/Ubuntu Sysadmins ever tighten up their run levels to be more tight like slack or red hat?

Useless and meaningless rant about my hate for Linux Mint...

I hate Unity too...
And/or the M$-like bloated KDE. 

Because my long hated (and mostly reliable) Linux Mint went out of support, 
I decided to go with what I hate the least: Xubuntu. 

But I could not burn the DVD, so I installed it on VirtualBox, transferred 
the system to my real box, fixed up the MBR and booted my shinny new 
No sound...

After fiddling with it for a day I decided: screw it, I'll go Debian Xfce.
So I got my trusty net-install CD and...
It said that it needed 'proprietary firmware' from Realtek, but WAIT!
It also said that I could install from the 'proprietary firmware DVD'! 

Which (of course) I could not burn either...
So I installed it on VirtualBox, transferred the system to my real box, 
fixed up the MBR and booted my shinny new Debian!  :-)
No sound...
And not second monitor...
Darn...   :( 

After fiddling with it for a day I decided: screw it, Mint worked before, I 
may as well give it a F$%#ING try (I *NEED* a box!)...
Of course I could not burn the DVD!!!!
So I installed it on VirtualBox, transferred the system to my real box, 
fixed up the MBR and booted my shinny new Mint 17 Xfce. 

And now everything works!
But I am hard headed and now I am facing years (I installed LTS) of hating 


3 wasted days later, and with a fully functional system that I hate, I am 
seriously considering to end it all and hang myself from a pumpkin tree...
I warned you that it was a useless and meaningless rant!
So there...

Boot problem

From: AverageSecurityGuy 
I recently rebuilt a laptop by erasing the Windows partition and =
installing Xubuntu. I need to go back to Windows now and I want to use =
the recovery partition, which is still intact, to reset the machine back =
to factory defaults. The problem is I can=92t boot to it because I let =
Xubuntu overwrite the MBR with Grub. Can I add the recovery partition to =
Grub and select it at boot time or can I boot a live CD and select the =
partition that I want to boot then? Or is there a better option?


Stephen Haywood
Owner, ASG Consulting

what is considered decent for hops and time on a traceroute?

From: Rod-Lists 
I remember having issues pulling from this source when I was on Comshaft. But I think that was their throttling.
Still I'm thinking of setting up some PPC and other ports mirrors.

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  unknown  3.417 ms  0.839 ms  0.730 ms
 2  * * *
 3  * * *
 4 (  6.986 ms  6.328 ms  6.233 ms
 5  * (  92.366 ms (  92.811 ms
 6 (  92.027 ms (  93.324 ms  92.537 ms
 7 (  91.660 ms (  92.822 ms (  98.207 ms
 8 (  92.706 ms (  92.835 ms (  92.567 ms
 9 (  92.835 ms (  93.860 ms (  92.566 ms
10 (  91.712 ms (  92.342 ms (  92.311 ms
11 (  91.793 ms  92.539 ms (  91.926 ms
12 (  92.142 ms (  92.064 ms (  93.094 ms
13 (  92.686 ms (  92.030 ms  92.754 ms

Canonical's cloud-in-a-box

From: Rod 

And it was announced in Atlanta.
The unregulated free market is like Yog-Sothoth, a mythical being whose  
followers make bloody sacrifice to hasten its arrival to this world.

Using Opera's mail client:

Playing DJ - Mixxx JackD ProjectM have come a long way

From: Mike Harrison 

Later this month, I get to fake being a DJ /Sound/Visuals at an event... 
and I'm loading up a laptop with some tools.

Last time I did this... a few years ago.. the tools were not very polished 
and did not play well togther.

Been playing with Mixxx (DJ Mixer) using JackD for the audio outputs and 
so I could patch in ProjectM, a music visualization tool (kewl visuals)
on an older Sony laptop running Bodhi (Ubuntu + Enlightenment).

ProjectM feeding a projector on the 2nd VGA connector/2nd monitor.

I gotta admit, that world has come a long way. Mixxx is incredible smooth 
and has some nice features for putting together a show. The AutoDJ mode 
works well enough for this, and more importantly doesn't freak out when 
you manually mix something in.

Last time I installed JackD, the system became almost unusable and I had 
to rebuild it. This time, it all just seems to work. It auto-connected 
everything just like I needed it.

And ProjectM makes Willie Nelson look good.. It freezes every once in a 
while... but the visuals are awesome.

National Teacher of the Year 2014 named today

From: Phil Shapiro 

A high school English teacher in Baltimore. 

Worth following on Twitter.

Lubuntu Power PC question

From: Phil Shapiro 

I downloaded Lubuntu 14.04 Power PC out of curiousity and found that it boots nicely on my old iBook G3 laptop, 500 Mhz with 640 MB of RAM. 

I was curious to find out how much RAM Lubuntu uses before running any programs. On the Lubuntu web site it says Lubuntu can sometimes run in 
as little as 128 MB of RAM. 

After booting Lubuntu 14.04 I got into terminal and I issued a command: free -m 

Lubuntu told me it was using about 630 MB of memory -- with about 10 MB free. 

Does that sound reasonable? I was expecting it to say it was using something like 115 MB or somesuch. 

Would Lubuntu 14.04 use less RAM if I installed it to hard drive rather than run it live? 

Wondering.... Thanks in advance if you have any ideas. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness."