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Book review - Geography of Genius

From: Phil Shapiro 
Here's a new book review I created on my Linux laptop. 

An interesting question to ponder - Is Chattanooga poised to be a city of great creativity? With 
10 gig municipal fiber on its way -- it may well be heading in that direction. In my visits to Chatt, 
I've been impressed with the quality of the local civic leaders, foundations, library, makerspace, etc. 

Open source, of course, is the foundation for any city that wants to move itself forward. 


Chatt library owns one of copy of the above book. You can place it on reserve to be the next 
person to sign it out. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

New article - "How I welcomed an immigrant family with a Linux laptop"

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi Chugaluggers, 

Here is a new article I wrote that might be of interest. 

In case you know any open source enthusiasts in the Washington DC-area, I'll be teaching a free workshop about screencasting on Linux at the July 9, 2016, meeting of the NorthernVirgina Linux User Group, at the Nova Labs makerspace in Reston, Virginia. Thanks for passing along word about this. 

Details at 

I put those screencasting skills to use in the above article in creating the YouTube videos. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Neat weather programs to use in your terminal

From: Lynn Dixon 
This one outputs a very nicely formatted forecast:  curl

This one is a bit interactive, but pretty nice:   telnet

If you want something local check this out:

Another thats neat:

tech company office space / Innovation District

From: Mike Harrison 

> On Jan 19, 2016, at 1:17 PM, Phil Sieg  wrote:
> I have been in negotiations on that South Creek property. Parking is a major issue. 

Yeah, that’s what made "Signal Base” attractive. It had decent parking.

Which, as are way off topic kinda:

In a few months (variable, currently occupied), I’ll have another office area ready for lease at 1028 Signal Mtn Road:  

750-sh sqft, with 2 small bathrooms and kitchenette, with parking, utilities including EPB 1gbps fiber for $1k per month. 

It’d be a nice office for a small technology company. 

What I’m seeing is outrageous prices for space in the Downtown “Innovation District”.  
I’d even consider making it a co-working-ish/maker/coffee space. Share it with some people that got along professionally. It could easily be configured with two lockable offices and a common space. 




Maker Faire After Party Invite.

From: Michael Harrison 
You are in invited:

8pm tonight at E. Main and Cowart street. Between Market and Broad.. next
to the Urban Lawn and La Altena.

Fire Sculpture.. Music.. beverages. Snacks. Food trucks?

It's a Fundraiser for the Southside Maker Art Center... and a preview of
the "maker space in progress"

10 gets you a kewl cup..

Chattanooga Brewery is filling cups...

8pm till 11ish..

Teen maker lab opening at Memphis Central Public library

From: Phil Shapiro 

This is great news. Please share with anyone you know in the Memphis area. 

CLOUD901 is a state-of-the-art learning lab, free for teens. Memphis Public Library. Follow @ JeremyOKeeffee # makermovement 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

OT:A new desktop laser cutter is coming to market

From: Rod-Lists 
It is looking good for the maker market
No I don't know linux drivers are available.

Maker/Art Space: SMAC

From: Mike Harrison 
Hey Chugalugarians. 

This is partially on topic because Linux, Pi’s and other tech may be involved: is trying to make an art-focused makerspace: SMAC

SMAC = Southside Maker Art Center 

In their newly expanded facilities off of E. Main. 

They are looking for input. 

"Today, we are proud to announce our new space, the Southside Maker Art Center (aka SMAC). SMAC is being built from the ground up as a cooperative creative space for the community, by the community. We want to include as many tools and supplies as our creative neighborhood desires, This is where YOU come in. We need your input to make sure this space is awesome! We’ll have more details on SMAC as our plans continue, but for now we would greatly appreciate your input by clicking below and taking a quick survey about what you’d like to see in your space.”

Take the survey, PLEASE:

They are also interested in art-enabling donations of apropos “stuff”. No, this doesn’t mean that pile of 15” monitors you need to dispose of. But it might mean some tools, equipment, useful parts, etc.. Got a decent tertiary soldering iron? Some former pedal powered contrivances that need a new life as an art bike? 

Future shenanigans from this place may include a “Maker Jam” where teams compete to make an “art vehicle/bicycle” with a couple of STEM students from local schools drafted into your team. One of the goals is to expose them to other “makers” (people, skills, methods…

Knox Makers

From: Phil Shapiro 

Just spotted these folks. Likely some excellent penguins within this organization. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Laptops with known Linux support

From: Unkmar 
I'm planning to purchase a few identical laptops with a few minimal

1. Everything works on Linux, preferably Debian.  My arm can be twisted to
allow Ughbuntu.
2. Dual boot.  I need Windows to be on these systems, whether I like it or
not.  The end users will need it.
3. $300-$600.  Clearly the lower number is preferable. Yet..
4. Intel CPU.  As close to i7 as possible.
5. Not Lenovo.  Last I knew, those guys still whitelist their WiFi cards
and I strongly disagree with any form of lock-in.

Well, I guess that covers it.  Obviously more memory is better.  Anything
over 2Gb should be fine.  I'm hoping for 4Gb to 8Gb.

Honestly, drive size and type just doesn't matter much to me.  SSD or Not.
Sure, they boot amazingly fast.  Just not a deal maker either way.   And I
haven't really out grown storage in years unless I horde loads of junk I
don't use anyway.

I'm asking for you help because some of you may have already successfully
done the research. I've looked around and just get frustrated from the
prices jumping around a grand any time I get comfortable with the
specifications.  I'm trying to settle for less and having a hard time
finding anything *NEW* in desired price range.  New is not really the
requirement.  Identical laptops fully supporting Linux and Legal copies of
Windows 7 or higher.  (Identical !!!)

Thanks in advance.
Lucius L. Hilley III

PS: Help me provide a great late X-mas/Birthdary present for a few kids.

[OT] 3D Printing Carbon3D

From: Jason Brown 
Very cool! The oxygen component is interesting, I wonder if it really does
speed up the print that much.  Otherwise this appears no different than
standard SLA printing. There are many others on the market such as the
popular Form1.>>

They produce beautiful prints, but the resins are fragile. FDM printers
like a RepRap, MakerBot etc print in the final material and are strong
enough for actual use (for certain values of use). Resin prints are good
for visualization, making a mold, or other uses that don't require much in
the way of mechanical strength.

Resin prints can also be bit unstable, most companies don't mention it but
place a resin print on a shelf and it degrades over time, discoloring,
becoming sticky, or actually melting and deforming. Thi can happen in just
a couple of months. I hear this is getting better.

None of those are as big a barrier for me as material costs though. Resin
formulas are usually closely guarded and extremely expensive. $149 per
Liter for the Form1. Compared to two years ago, that is super cheap.  I was
happy to hear recently that a big player, Autodesk, has opened up their
resin formula for everyone:>>.

Despite the drawbacks to SLA resin printers, I still want one!  Or perhaps
for Electron Beam Melting:

New Bipartisan H1B bill could kill American Tech Jobs!

From: Rod-Lists 
New legislation being pushed by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to hike the H-1B visa cap is drawing criticism and warnings that it will lead to an increase in offshoring of tech jobs.

IEEE-USA said the legislation, introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Tuesday, will "help destroy" the U.S. tech workforce with guest workers.

Other critics, including Ron Hira, a professor of public policy at Howard University and a leading researcher on the issue, said the bill gives the tech industry "a huge increase in the supply of lower-cost foreign guest workers so they can undercut and replace American workers."

Hira said this bill "will result in an exponential rise of American jobs being shipped overseas."

Invent to Learn book free on Monday (Kindle format)

From: Phil Shapiro 
If you're interested in the maker movement in education, this new 
book is recommended. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Library 4th Floor hiring a part timer

From: Nate Hill 

The Chattanooga Public Library is looking for special people with that rare
combination of superb customer service skills and electronic wizardry to
help us transform the library.

As one of our "Smart People," you will be an expert who troubleshoots
gadgets and answers questions to help our customers make full use of our
resources.  Your problem-solving and people skills will ensure swift
resolution to technical problems.  You also educate team members about
products, while independently keeping your own technical know-how up to

You will begin your work on the Library's 4th Floor, our public makerspace,
civic laboratory, and GigLab, but your services may be needed in other
library departments as well.  While your primary responsibility will be
providing excellent customer service to 4th Floor visitors, you are also
expected to engage, contribute, and participate in the development of new
ideas and new services.  You will assist the public with tools you may not
be familiar with yet, including but not limited to 3D printers, vinyl
cutters, and more, so curiosity and an interest in experimentation is

You will provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on support to our
customers in need.  Difficult situations are no problem, as you explain
situations with patience and empathy.  You offer solutions quickly to help
our customers use their devices and our resources.  Juggling customer
needs, you keep aware of their time demands as well as your own.  You
fulfill our service commitment with speed, skill and grace.


   - Strong people skills, with a knack for problem-solving
   - Ability to maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting
   and solving technical issues
   - Ability to juggle appointments for assistance with unceasing demands
   for your time
   - Both an eagerness and an aptitude for acquiring skills in technical
   - Ability to make decisions quickly
   - Ability to work a flexible schedule - work hours will be based on
   library needs

This is a part-time position, twenty (20) hours per week (including weekend
hours) and is based at the downtown library.  Be advised, however, that you
may be scheduled to work at any library location. The pay is $15.00 per
hour, with no benefits.  All library employees must be Tennessee
residents.  For further information, contact Jim Cooper at

Anyone Going to PhreakNIC in Nashville?

From: Jon Nyx 
On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:

> Just found out about in Nashville (via KLUG) October
> 30 - November 2, 2014.
> Anyone going?

(raises hand)

I am.

Guess I should introduce myself:


I'm Dru Myers (aka jonnyX). I started PhreakNIC in 1997 with several
like-minded friends, ran it until 2001 when I moved to Atlanta, and
now that I'm back in Nashville I'm running it again. I believe we're
the oldest & longest-running non-profit hacker (in the original
non-criminal/white-hat sense of the word) convention in the US, if not
the world. Technically, we're an infosec, maker, linux/foss conference
these days, with a bit of aerospace, engineering, general science &
experimental music (we're in Nashville, after all, music has to be
involved somehow) thrown in for good measure.

PhreakNIC had been struggling the last several years, which is why I
stepped back into the organizer's position, with the goal of growing
it and the parent non-profit so they'll both be relevant and useful
once more, not just the local tech scene but the community at large.
Basically, we're rebooting this year.

Currently, we're working very closely with the Nashville Linux User's
Group, the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, DefCon 404 (an Atlanta infosec
group), Freeside Atlanta (a huge hackerspace), Maker's Local 256
(another large & well-organized hackerspace in Huntsville) - you get
the idea. Many of the leaders and admins of the above groups are also
involved in PhreakNIC's reboot. We'd love to have more people onboard,
especially if they have something to contribute to the success of the

We're also working with TVIW - - which is the week
after PhreakNIC (and in Oak Ridge), and the TVIW folks will have a
presence at PhreakNIC, doing some talks and promoting *their* con..

Info I sent to the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts list last week can be
found here (I don't want to retype it all):

Coffee Country Recycling Industrial

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugalug community, 

I was browsing thru the followers of Red Hat's Twitter account and came across this interesting 
industrial equipment recycling company in Tullahoma, TN. 

Someone over there is very smart because that Twitter account follows a bunch of Linux-related Twitter accounts. Some of the used equipment they sell might be useful for our makerspace. If anyone from Chugalug drives by Tullahoma from time to time, you might want to stop by and say hi to these folks. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

National Day of Making - presidential proclamation

From: Phil Shapiro 

For those of you on Twitter, the very busy and interesting hashtag today is #nationofmakers 

Do post some tweets about how making, explaining how making and open source are connected. 

Also, check out Rather fascinating. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Chattanooga maker faire Oct 11

From: "Daniel L. Appleget" 
10 a.m. =96 6 p.m. Oct. 11 at the First Tennessee Pavilion.

-- =

Daniel Appleget
Chattanooga Computer Service

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

New blog post - Thinking about a maker conference center

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi chugalug community, 

Here is a new blog post I wrote for MAKE magazine today explaining what a potential maker designed conference 
center could look like. This blog post has a screencast which includes an animated SketchUp visualization of the 
conference center. 

Kindly share the link with folks you know who'd be interested in this. 


Yup, it makes sense to locate a maker conference center near Chatt. I include that observation in the text of the blog post. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Makerspaces and Libraries

From: Dan Lyke 
Nate? Someone else? This is about school libraries, but...

RT Heather Moorefield ‏@actinginthelib

   Are you a public school librarian w/3d printers and/or a maker space
   in your library? If you would be willing to be interviewed, DM me.