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FCC to ban firmware updates 5ghz wifi models

From: Rod-Lists 
This will cripple ham wan.
Hackaday reports that the FCC is introducing new rules which ban firmware modifications for the radio systems in WiFi routers and other wireless devices operating in the 5 GHz range. The vast majority of routers are manufactured as System on Chip devices, with the radio module and CPU integrated in a single package. The new rules have the potential to effectively ban the installation of proven Open Source firmware on any WiFi router. 

ThinkPenguin, the EFF, FSF, Software Freedom Law Center, Software Freedom Conservancy, OpenWRT, LibreCMC, Qualcomm, and others have created the SaveWiFi campaign, providing instructions on how to submit a formal complaint to the FCC regarding this proposed rule. The comment period is closing on September 8, 2015. Leave a comment for the FCC.


From: John Aldrich 
I purchased an android-based fitness tracker off Alibaba. I never could
get it to connect to my phone, so I never used it. If anyone is
interested in "hacking" on it, let me know and I'll give it to you.
Don't need any money for it. :)

  John Aldrich

Mobile outage

From: Jonathan Calloway 
So what hacker group or foreign organizations is responsible for this??

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Job opportunity in NYC

From: Nate Hill 
I miss you, Chattanooga!

I know I'm opening myself up to ridicule by posting a job in NYC on
Chugalug, but hey I can live with that.

I'm up here in NY running the Metropolitan New York Library Council now,
and I'm hiring a Digital Services Coordinator.  This is a *really cool*
opportunity.  I'm looking for a developer with some chops, but also someone
who can organize folks and help create collaborations, collisions, and
opportunities between digital library projects and the rest of the civic
activist / arts / creative technology communities.  Info below.


The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is seeking qualified
applicants for the position of Digital Services Coordinator.

The Digital Services Coordinator will support Digital Culture of
Metropolitan New York (DCMNY), an online collection hosting service for
members of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. DCMNY is currently
powered by Islandora; the Digital Services Coordinator will need to be
comfortable with Linux, Fedora Commons, Drupal, and custom PHP
modifications. The ideal candidate will be confident with this technology
stack and is up to date on other frameworks and repository solutions (e.g.
Apache SOLR, Ruby/Rails, Blacklight, Hydra). She or he will make
recommendations and lead a migration to a different platform should this be

METRO=E2=80=99s staff of 15+ people hosts classes and events for our member=
The Digital Services Coordinator will also collaborate with the METRO staff
to maintain the technical infrastructure for the office and community
space. This support includes but is not limited to: wireless network, VOIP
network, hardware/software support, technology purchasing, and Google apps.

Finally, the Digital Services Coordinator will have an outward-facing role
at METRO; she or he will engage with the New York/Westchester technology
community beyond the library world. Civic hacking, big data, data literacy,
physical computing, the IoT, and gigabit fiber networks are topics that
should get you excited and light you up with new ideas. This outward-facing
role will lead to new initiatives, new opportunities, and new perspectives
at METRO. The Digital Services Coordinator will be central to their design
and implementation.

The ideal candidate is a curious, creative, and communicative technologist
who will be responsible for supporting and developing a wide variety of
services at METRO. Vision and leadership come from all levels of this lean
organization, so the ideal Digital Services Coordinator will combine
humility and grace with expertise and authority. She or he identifies as a
capable programmer and believes in beautiful, concise, and well-commented

The Digital Services Coordinator will have some opportunity to work
remotely, but will need to be on site regularly in our space on 11th street
in Manhattan as well. METRO is a fun and collaborative workplace full of
energy and enthusiasm.

METRO offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Salary is
commensurate with experience.

METRO is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send a .pdf copy
of your resume and cover letter along with any other material you would
like considered part of your application to



METRO is the largest of nine library councils in the state of New York,
with METRO serving all of New York City and Westchester County. These
councils were founded in the 1960s to facilitate the sharing of resources
between different types of libraries and archives: academic, public, art,
museum, corporate, and more. In the past, programmatic efforts have been
primarily focused on the discovery and delivery of physical materials.
Today, METRO is increasingly oriented toward the digital, in work ranging
from collaborative digitization projects that engage our diverse membership
to the administration of the Empire State Digital Network, a service hub of
the Digital Public Library of America. In addition, METRO offers a wide
variety of classes, lectures, events, and other professional development

METRO aims to serve as a laboratory and experimental space for our growing
membership, combining new developments in librarianship with emerging
technologies drawn from parallel fields. The Digital Services Coordinator
will help drive this innovation.

Nate Hill

OT: It has started

From: Rod-Lists 
There are people claiming the Chattanooga shooting is a hoax, a Psyops operation.
One jerk in Whitwell claimed he saw "black helicopters" before the shooting.

I guess I imagined all that radio traffic I intercepted with my SDR dongle.

I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad

Android-based fitness tracker

From: John Aldrich 
I purchased an android-based fitness 
tracker off Alibaba. Unfortunately I 
was never able to get it to sync up 
with my phone and ended up buying a 
real FitBit. Anyone wanna play with 
this and see if they can get it to work 
or hack into it??? :)

Anyone wanna work for FAcebook?

From: John Aldrich 
Facebook is looking for a Linux kernel hacker to work on the networking

Another indication that M$ is Changing (Windows -> OSS?)

From: Wil Wade 
Via Hacker News:

The other headline could be: A "top engineer" at Microsoft isn't fired be
suggesting that Windows could be Open Sourced.

We have talked about it before how Microsoft is changing, but I think the
importance here is how much OSS has gone from "I don't trust open source"
(actual quote from a co-worker, who was later fired...) to the
understanding that having (at least certain things) a common base to build
on helps everyone.

Ether that or Microsoft is following the demise of other companies hoping
that the company can stay afloat if they just open source everything.
(Don't think that is the case)

Other thoughts?

From the Comments of a Linux to Win 8 Test

From: Jonathan Calloway 
I can=E2=80=99t help but to add this thought.  I wonder how many of us =
will say / do / think the same thing about Windows 10?

> On Mar 19, 2015, at 9:05 AM, Wil Wade  wrote:
> So on Hacker News was posted this article:
> "Developer trying out Windows 8.1 after 8 years with Linux "
> =

From the Comments of a Linux to Win 8 Test

From: Wil Wade 
So on Hacker News was posted this article:

"Developer trying out Windows 8.1 after 8 years with Linux "

[OT] 3D Printing Carbon3D

From: Jason Brown 
Very cool! The oxygen component is interesting, I wonder if it really does
speed up the print that much.  Otherwise this appears no different than
standard SLA printing. There are many others on the market such as the
popular Form1.>>

They produce beautiful prints, but the resins are fragile. FDM printers
like a RepRap, MakerBot etc print in the final material and are strong
enough for actual use (for certain values of use). Resin prints are good
for visualization, making a mold, or other uses that don't require much in
the way of mechanical strength.

Resin prints can also be bit unstable, most companies don't mention it but
place a resin print on a shelf and it degrades over time, discoloring,
becoming sticky, or actually melting and deforming. Thi can happen in just
a couple of months. I hear this is getting better.

None of those are as big a barrier for me as material costs though. Resin
formulas are usually closely guarded and extremely expensive. $149 per
Liter for the Form1. Compared to two years ago, that is super cheap.  I was
happy to hear recently that a big player, Autodesk, has opened up their
resin formula for everyone:>>.

Despite the drawbacks to SLA resin printers, I still want one!  Or perhaps
for Electron Beam Melting:

[OT] 3D Printing Carbon3D

From: Wil Wade 
------------------------------------------------------ (~Hacker News)

Thought this might be of interest here. I saw a Kickstarter a while back
doing something similar, but not as nice (and without so much money behind

Main thing I like about it (although the raw speed is nice), is how much
smoother the material looks. But however good they actually are, it is just
nice to see more methods for 3D printing out there.

Anyone hiring?

From: David Rucker 

Most of you may not know me but I follow the list a lot and reply very
rarely. I currently work for RadioShack as one of their Expert Repair
Technicians doing cell phone and tablet repairs. I am one of the few of
their techs that can do advanced soldering. I also owned and operated a
computer service shop for several years as well. I am current going to
school at Volkswagen in their automation mechatronics program. RadioShack
is on their last leg and is now circling the drain, so to speak. Pending
being purchased by Amazon or sprint. Most job listings in the tech field
are morning afternoon shifts. I need something from 4 pm to 9 pm during the
week and flexible on weekends. I can provide a full resume, just wanting to
see if anyone knew of anything or had anything available themselves.

Thank you in advance!
David R. Rucker

OT: Hackintosh for sale $600

From: Phil Sieg 
I built 2 Hackintoshes, and need only one of them.

Here is the one for sale:

Intel Xeon 2.83ghz quad core processor
500GB main drive
1TB Time machine/data drive
Nvidia GTX 650 (2GB DDR5) Video with triple outputs.
802.11 B/G/N Airport card
Dell Optiplex 780 Mini-Tower Mobo and case

Almost silent and runs very cool. Running Yosemite 10.10.1

Equivalent to 1st 2 generations of MacPro. Very fast.

Come by my office and check it out if you like.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

McDell Hackintosh>>> Quad Core/16gb/500GB SSD $617

From: Phil Sieg 
So I have successfully Hackintoshed a dell Optiplex 780 Desktop (between mini tower and SFF in size 16x16x5). It is VERY fast and silent. I must say I am impressed. Here is the build:

Optiplex 780
Intel Q9650 Core2 Quad 3.0ghz (Will replace with Xeon Quad when it arrives)
16GB 1333mhz ram
500 GB Crucial M100 SSD
1TB Western Digital Blue (Time Machine internal drive)
Nvidia GeForce GT730 1GB DDR5 low profile. Triple monitor support ;-)

So a Quad core 3 ghz with 16gb ram and 1tb Time machine drive that performs like a MacPro (older one of course) for $617 ALL IN.

I can’t say I will never buy another Mac… But I might not buy another Mac Desktop.

The ONLY thing I do not have working yet is the APP Store, and Messages.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

A cool CHEAP Hardware hack!!!

From: Phil Sieg 
I am building a couple of cheap quad core hackintoshes using stock Dell =
Boxen and upgrading video cards.

I was shopping for Core2 Quad processors (Q9650) and was shocked to see =
them at $100 and more! Awful damned old for that price.

Soooo I was googling around and found this: =

So an EASY way to use LGA 771 XEON CPU=E2=80=99s in Core2 Duo/Quad =
motherboards. More cache, better overclocking, and lower temps=E2=80=A6 =
OH YEAH and HALF the PRICE!=20

The Quad core Xeon comparable to the Q9650 core2 quad is $46 instead of =


Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapf=C5=8Dn=C2=AE

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. =
It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

From: Rod-Lists 

Don't believe the hype: Sony hack not 'unprecedented, ' experts say

From: Rod-Lists 
Posted for the security guys on the list

Throw Linux onto this $95 Intel iMac

From: Phil Shapiro 
This Intel iMac that sells for $95 today (cyber Monday) would be lovely with Linux on it. 

Getting wifi working takes a little extra time, but is quite do-able. 

Getting the webcam to work can be done, too, I've heard -- although I've 
never done it myself. You could always use an external USB webcam on this computer. 
(i.e. Logitech or somesuch) Linux automatically senses the external webcam. 

Although not as light as a laptop, these 17-inch iMac are fairly transportable to hackathons 
and the like. It's important for the public to see iMacs running Linux, too. That would open their 
mind to possibilities -- and get more of the young ones wanting to install Linux on older computers. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Mysql Rapid Loading

From: Mike Harrison 

A quick perl hack to split up a large MySQL database “dump” (from mysqldump) into several files, 
and load it using multiple processes. Depending on your data, seems to provide an large speedup. On an 8 hour MySQL load, It loaded in right at 3hours with threads set to 4. 
In this case, everything but two tables loaded in minutes. 

Played with splitting up large inserts into multiple files, but it seems the indexing gets pretty funky. More efficient long term to load a table sequentially (it seems).