Fwd: dual-stage wi-fi-enabled temperature controller

From: Stephen Kraus 
Again, ESP8266 or ESP32. Wifi enabled and embedded and Arduino compatible.
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From: "John Aldrich" 
Date: Sep 21, 2016 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] dual-stage wi-fi-enabled temperature controller

I'm looking for essentially a wi-fi enabled STC-1000.

  John Aldrich

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016, at 10:33 AM, John Aldrich wrote:

I just took a look at that. Nice idea. However, it relies on hacking the
fridge/freezer/whatever. The devices I have / have seen / am trying to
replicate are an interface between the wall outlet and the
fridge/freezer/etc as well as a heating belt. BrewPi doesn't handle that.
Also, from what I've read online this Inkbird Wi-Fi controller doesn't work
that well, anyway. :(

  John Aldrich

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016, at 07:26 PM, Lynn Dixon wrote:

John I don't know if you saw this but on the brewpi web that Jason linked
there is this: http://www.brewpi.com/introducing-brewpi-spark/

Which has built-in Wi-Fi and has the webserver your looking for. Looks like
brewpi has also done a lot of the black magic temp algorithms as well.

It's a pretty impressive little setup and seems to be pretty versatile.

On Sep 20, 2016 5:35 PM, "Dave Brockman"  wrote:

On 9/20/2016 2:43 PM, John Aldrich wrote:
> Not exactly linux-related, although it could easily be done in Linux. :)
> I bought two Inkbird wi-fi themostatically controlled outlets.
> Unfortunately they will do me no good as they are both IOS Only.
> Apparently you have to download and install their proprietary app that
> goes with the controller. Further, it only controls one device at a
> time, so you would need two to handle heating AND cooling.
> I know there are a lot of hardware geeks on this list, so I'm
> challenging you to come up with a dual-stage thermostat (for
> homebrewing) that takes the temperature from a probe and turns one of
> two outlets on depending on temperature. You'd have one side hard-wired
> for a heating element and another side for cooling.

Are you asking us to re-invent the thermostat?



Acer Chromebase 21 - NVIDIA Tegra K1 desktop - Linux install

From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" 

NVIDIA has done a really good job with the Tegra ARM CPUs. Their latest,
the K1, is fully supported by Linux, and while it usually runs Android,
will run Linux no problem. NVIDIA has fully released and supports Linux on
their silicon.

If somebody wants to buy one of these and set up as a desktop box, I'd love
to see a writeup or video of its running Linux.


Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Says Users May Share $68 Million Loss

From: David White 

I don't use Bitcoin, but I suspect some of you may be affected by this.


David White
Founder & CEO


*Develop CENTS*
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting for small
businesses and nonprofits
Providing: Web Hosting, Technical Support & IT Consulting

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Installing Linux on a hard disk. No, on the controller chip on the hard disk.

From: Dan Lyke 
This is awesome. And kinda scary, 'cause on the way there he
demonstrates inserting password hashes into /etc/shadow


MitM Attack for Debugging and Non-Nefarious Reasons

From: Mike Harrison 

You are invited.. 

"Using a MitM Attack for Debugging and Non-Nefarious Reasons w/ Mike Harrison”

	• Thursday, July 28, 2016 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
	• Floor 5 at The Edney Innovation Center 1100 Market Street, Suite 500, Chattanooga, TN

	• Integrating bespoke one-off systems with SSL and bad documentation is difficult. "Hacking" tools and methods can be used for inspecting and debugging in-situ. Live demonstrations (with screen shot backups) of using MitM proxies, API Relays, Altered web server configs and basic sniffing tools for debugging. 

Example: Answer: Why did that fail? 


This might be basic if you already play in this world… but it’s an excuse to get out and about. :)


Tor users targetted in Scotus rule change

From: Rod-Lists 
"The Supreme Court on Thursday approved changes that would make it easier for the FBI to hack into computers, many of them belonging to victims of cybercrime. The changes, which will take immediate effect in December unless Congress adopts competing legislation, would allow the FBI go hunting for anyone browsing the Internet anonymously in the U.S. with a single warrant. Previously, under the federal rules on criminal procedures, a magistrate judge couldn't approve a warrant request to search a computer remotely if the investigator didn't know where the computer was -- because it might be outside his or her jurisdiction. The rule change would allow a magistrate judge to issue a warrant to search or seize an electronic device if the target is using anonymity software like Tor."


Thanks to All!

From: David Rucker 

I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone that helped with
suggestions on my home network equipment.

Previously I had issues with having more then one device at a time
connected that was accessing the net. I could only use one streaming
service at a time on one device only if I started two both would slow down
and were not usable. If I started downloading something while streaming it
would kick the streaming device basically offline.

After polling the group for ideas/answers I decided to go with Ubiquity
equipment. I got an EdgeRouter X and an AP-LR (non-AC) AC while being
faster just doesn't seem to have much distance.

Well I am happy to report that I have my Ubnt equipment fully setup and its
performance is outstanding for my setup. My Internet is a 250MB/s Fiber
provided by Ringgold Telephone Company. I can now successfully stream HD to
2 devices and simultaneously download at 4+MB/s!

I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome of my equipment purchase. Just for
FYI I have a PoE injector feeding the ER-X and passing through to the AP
and also have a PogoPlug Mobile connected to the ER-X as well. My next
project, for this coming weekend most likely, will be installing Debian and
MiniDLNA on my PogoPlug. I like some of its NAS features but would like to
get away from a 3rd party application/account management. I love the fact
that I am continuing to get use out of it after purchasing it on clearance
while I was working at radioshack 2-3 years ago for about $10!

David R.

PS. Would love to come participate in the HW Swap that is currently in
discussion but I am currently getting ready to go to Japan for ~3 months
and will be leaving in 2 weeks. When I get back thought I will drag some of
my classic Mac stuff to see if anyone is interested.

Docker Question

From: "Kite, Mike" 

  I have a close friend who's recently widowed and her hubby was a web developer.  He was hosting several websites, we think using Docker.  After his death, a couple of power-failure events knocked all of them offline.  I have to think they were being manually started.  And I think they're hibernating on his iMac.  He was too good at security, so getting this much info took me too much hacking, which is not my forte, nor are web-apps, I'm a sysadmin.

So, anybody got advice as to how to find these docker-ized web apps?  Start them?  Move them to another host?

Thanks all!

Nerdy Post: LD_PRELOAD and a Shell to C program

From: flushy@flushy.net
I had a desire, or a nerdy, geeky need to create this library that overrides:

* int execv(const char *path, char *const argv[]);
* int execvp(const char *file, char *const argv[]);
* int execve(const char *path, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);

Upon initialization, all original function pointers are saved via the  
constructor, as defined here [1]

When a given overloaded function is called, the values of argv are  
printed to stderr, prefixed with the called file or path.

I built it as an RPM, with included source, signed by my RPM signer  
key, and put on a remote repository. I also included a repository RPM  
to help the ease of use of this repo. It resides at  

I'll work on getting it into github.

To use:

1) cd /tmp
2) wget $repo/gonophnet-generic-1.0.0-1.x86

Example of Exim Exploit

From: Michael Ward 

Smart tech and the Elections

From: Rod-Lists 
I've been following a political discussion online. And this video was posted.
Some of you may remember this happening.

Karl Rove's election night melt-down over Ohio results on Fox News

Some people suggest he was waiting and expecting something.
Now flash back to 2004 and the Kerry Race where something happened to the vote count in Ohio and it was shunted to Chattanooga. There were accusations of hanky panky then.

How The 2004 Presidential Election May Have Been Hacked

Who is Smartech

Now fast forward to 2012 and Anonymous is claiming to have prevented the same thing from happening.

Anonymous, Karl Rove and 2012 Election Fix?

Did Anonymous stop Rove from stealing the election?


From: Matt Keys 
Saw this in the google news feed this morning .. :


FCC to ban firmware updates 5ghz wifi models

From: Rod-Lists 
This will cripple ham wan.
Hackaday reports that the FCC is introducing new rules which ban firmware modifications for the radio systems in WiFi routers and other wireless devices operating in the 5 GHz range. The vast majority of routers are manufactured as System on Chip devices, with the radio module and CPU integrated in a single package. The new rules have the potential to effectively ban the installation of proven Open Source firmware on any WiFi router. 

ThinkPenguin, the EFF, FSF, Software Freedom Law Center, Software Freedom Conservancy, OpenWRT, LibreCMC, Qualcomm, and others have created the SaveWiFi campaign, providing instructions on how to submit a formal complaint to the FCC regarding this proposed rule. The comment period is closing on September 8, 2015. Leave a comment for the FCC.



From: John Aldrich 
I purchased an android-based fitness tracker off Alibaba. I never could
get it to connect to my phone, so I never used it. If anyone is
interested in "hacking" on it, let me know and I'll give it to you.
Don't need any money for it. :)

  John Aldrich

Mobile outage

From: Jonathan Calloway 
So what hacker group or foreign organizations is responsible for this??


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Job opportunity in NYC

From: Nate Hill 
I miss you, Chattanooga!

I know I'm opening myself up to ridicule by posting a job in NYC on
Chugalug, but hey I can live with that.

I'm up here in NY running the Metropolitan New York Library Council now,
and I'm hiring a Digital Services Coordinator.  This is a *really cool*
opportunity.  I'm looking for a developer with some chops, but also someone
who can organize folks and help create collaborations, collisions, and
opportunities between digital library projects and the rest of the civic
activist / arts / creative technology communities.  Info below.



The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is seeking qualified
applicants for the position of Digital Services Coordinator.

The Digital Services Coordinator will support Digital Culture of
Metropolitan New York (DCMNY), an online collection hosting service for
members of the Metropolitan New York Library Council. DCMNY is currently
powered by Islandora; the Digital Services Coordinator will need to be
comfortable with Linux, Fedora Commons, Drupal, and custom PHP
modifications. The ideal candidate will be confident with this technology
stack and is up to date on other frameworks and repository solutions (e.g.
Apache SOLR, Ruby/Rails, Blacklight, Hydra). She or he will make
recommendations and lead a migration to a different platform should this be

METRO=E2=80=99s staff of 15+ people hosts classes and events for our member=
The Digital Services Coordinator will also collaborate with the METRO staff
to maintain the technical infrastructure for the office and community
space. This support includes but is not limited to: wireless network, VOIP
network, hardware/software support, technology purchasing, and Google apps.

Finally, the Digital Services Coordinator will have an outward-facing role
at METRO; she or he will engage with the New York/Westchester technology
community beyond the library world. Civic hacking, big data, data literacy,
physical computing, the IoT, and gigabit fiber networks are topics that
should get you excited and light you up with new ideas. This outward-facing
role will lead to new initiatives, new opportunities, and new perspectives
at METRO. The Digital Services Coordinator will be central to their design
and implementation.

The ideal candidate is a curious, creative, and communicative technologist
who will be responsible for supporting and developing a wide variety of
services at METRO. Vision and leadership come from all levels of this lean
organization, so the ideal Digital Services Coordinator will combine
humility and grace with expertise and authority. She or he identifies as a
capable programmer and believes in beautiful, concise, and well-commented

The Digital Services Coordinator will have some opportunity to work
remotely, but will need to be on site regularly in our space on 11th street
in Manhattan as well. METRO is a fun and collaborative workplace full of
energy and enthusiasm.

METRO offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Salary is
commensurate with experience.

METRO is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send a .pdf copy
of your resume and cover letter along with any other material you would
like considered part of your application to info@metro.org



METRO is the largest of nine library councils in the state of New York,
with METRO serving all of New York City and Westchester County. These
councils were founded in the 1960s to facilitate the sharing of resources
between different types of libraries and archives: academic, public, art,
museum, corporate, and more. In the past, programmatic efforts have been
primarily focused on the discovery and delivery of physical materials.
Today, METRO is increasingly oriented toward the digital, in work ranging
from collaborative digitization projects that engage our diverse membership
to the administration of the Empire State Digital Network, a service hub of
the Digital Public Library of America. In addition, METRO offers a wide
variety of classes, lectures, events, and other professional development

METRO aims to serve as a laboratory and experimental space for our growing
membership, combining new developments in librarianship with emerging
technologies drawn from parallel fields. The Digital Services Coordinator
will help drive this innovation.

Nate Hill

OT: It has started

From: Rod-Lists 
There are people claiming the Chattanooga shooting is a hoax, a Psyops operation.
One jerk in Whitwell claimed he saw "black helicopters" before the shooting.

I guess I imagined all that radio traffic I intercepted with my SDR dongle.

I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad
I will not hack crazies or launch DDoS attacks that would be bad

Android-based fitness tracker

From: John Aldrich 
I purchased an android-based fitness 
tracker off Alibaba. Unfortunately I 
was never able to get it to sync up 
with my phone and ended up buying a 
real FitBit. Anyone wanna play with 
this and see if they can get it to work 
or hack into it??? :)

Anyone wanna work for FAcebook?

From: John Aldrich 
Facebook is looking for a Linux kernel hacker to work on the networking


Another indication that M$ is Changing (Windows -> OSS?)

From: Wil Wade 
Via Hacker News:

The other headline could be: A "top engineer" at Microsoft isn't fired be
suggesting that Windows could be Open Sourced.

We have talked about it before how Microsoft is changing, but I think the
importance here is how much OSS has gone from "I don't trust open source"
(actual quote from a co-worker, who was later fired...) to the
understanding that having (at least certain things) a common base to build
on helps everyone.

Ether that or Microsoft is following the demise of other companies hoping
that the company can stay afloat if they just open source everything.
(Don't think that is the case)

Other thoughts?